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Looking for some Instagram Reel inspo? We gotchu boo.


Trend: The drop challenge


What’s the trend?:  Remember that tune Partition from Beyonce? Y’know the one released back in 2014? Yeah well … that’s made a comeback. But what is the drop challenge you ask? Basically, everytime that bass drops? You drop. See Melbourian Keelywins SLAYIN’ it below with their ode to the Wilson Prom rendition which has gone viral over on TikTok [17.6 million views!]

Audio: Beyonce – Partition

Ways to use this trend: 

  • Show off your teams fun side by dropping low!
  • Show off a product everytime the bass drops.
  • Stand next to your product and drop low.



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Trend: A memory you can’t stop thinking about


What’s the trend?:  This ‘lil guitar riff from James Bay has got everyone reminiscing about the good times with cute montages of highlights of some special moments.

Overlay the words ‘put this over a memory you can’t stop thinking about’ to hop on the trend. You can upload with just one special clip, or to make a montage and line your clips up with the music, follow the timings below: 

Clip 1 – 1.2 seconds

Clip 2 -0.6 seconds

Clip 3 – 1.2 seconds

Clip 4 -0.6 seconds

Clip 5 – 1.2 seconds

Clip 6 – 0.6 seconds

Clip 7 – 1.2 seconds

Audio: Memories – divinelocations

Ways to use this trend: 

  • Share a special personal memory to humanize your brand
  • Create a little montage of some special moments in business



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Trend: Un, Deux, Trois, Quatre 


What’s the trend?:  This Parisian catchy little number makes the perfect beat to sync to the beat of “Un, Deux, Trois, Quatre”.  

Audio: Original audio -girlboss

Ways to use this trend: 

  • Show off a product from 4 different angles
  • Countdown and then share some wisdom
  • Show a range of your products



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Trend: Hmm … I feel like this could be better


What’s the trend?:  Does your business involve giving things a bit of a glow up? Then this is the perfect trend for you to hop on. Film a before and after to show how you can make things soooo much better.

Audio: thehonesthome_•Original Audio



Have any of these trends inspired ya? Give them a crack and who knows, you could go viral! As always, make sure to tag us so we can see the masterpieces you create. We’ll just be waiting over here to shower you in the comment section with heart eyes and clapping emojis. 😍😍😍😍😍😍👏👏👏👏👏👏