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If you’re finding yourself wading through a sea of indecision when it comes to your ads creatives, tired, slightly begrudged and feeling uninspired? We’re stopping by with some of 2022’s most anticipated trends to help defibrillate some life back into your ads sitch! #YaReady!?


Flex On Creatives


First up, let’s zoom in on some of 2022’s hottest creative themes for consideration. Half the challenge most of us face when we first open up a Canva template is overwhelm, yep – even for us agency folk every now and again.

Don’t get us wrong, trends shouldn’t ever come at the expense of your overall brand aesthetic, but there are some fun ways you can weave them into the mix with a gentle bow to current trends that are on brand.

So what’s on the menu in 2022 design trends?

  • Graphic Design trends are getting LOUD, strap in! Think fluro palettes, contrasting fonts, maximalism and effects. While some elements might feel a bit polarising, or even deviating off brand, we’re finding that working a few elements into your design aesthetic is actually quite achievable in some way. Especially when you consider introducing subtle nods to trends so that you can build an impactful, current and recognisable ad presence that demands interest. #SaltBae
  • Trending music can be the ultimate cherry on top of powerful and timely ad messaging, particularly for Reels and Stories placements. Keeping up with the latest music trends in your own feed by utilising that handy save button when you’re scrolling is a good habit to get into. That way, your favourite tunes are waiting in the wings when it comes time to hit publish. Thankfully, Spotify is also putting in some ground work on this front with curated monthly playlists of trending Reels tracks to keep your eyes [and ears] on. Here’s February’s playlist. #PraiseBe
  • GIFs 🤝 Memes = Chef’s kiss animation, and chefs kiss engagement with cold audiences.

We see a lot of memes here in agency land [like A.LOT], and we love it when folks level up their creativity by having fun with simple animations for an extra layer of visual messaging. It also happens to work beautifully in attracting thruplay engagement too! #WinkWink



Gimme, Gimme Mo’ Video Ad’s!


Okay, give us ALL the video. We don’t want to be the digital marketing agency that continuously beats the video drum though, so we’re going to let stats do the heavy lifting for us instead, ha!

We’re data geeks at heart and these are just some of the mind blowing stats that we remind ourselves of every time we’re about to hit record on video to squash those imposter nerves. 🥁

Repeat after me…

  • Videos posted on socials generate 1200% more shares than text and image combined and viewers of those video’s retain 95% of a message when it’s watched rather than read [Wordsteam]. Makes a pretty profound argument for the inclusion of captions and music too, right!
  • 85% of businesses use video as a marketing tool, with research indicating that people watch an average of 16 hours of video online each week. [Optinmonster].
  • It gets better though! 45% of people say they’ve gone on to buy a product or service which they first discovered by watching a video ad. [Wyzowl]. #KaChing!

So if your ears are now pricked up and you’re rolling into ideas machine mode [we love to see it!], write them down immediately to refer back to? Video ain’t going anywhere anytime soon, in fact it’s swarming your feed as we speak!

Alas, if you aren’t quite there yet, we’ve got you covered here with content ideas too! Bring them to life with some of our favourite video creation apps like InShot, LumaFusion and VideoLeap to ensure you’re nailing every transition, viral meme and Spielberg worthy moment in your ads creatives straight from your mobile phone.

That’s enough said about that? Get after it! 🔮🎬



Maximise on Paid Partnerships


The Instagram elves were hard at work during 2021 preparing a tonne of new features that put partnerships in bold on the socials map in a huge way. For advertising, this means you’ll have even more tools to tap into when it comes to utilising partnership posts too!

You’ve likely heard us sing about the power of influencer marketing in your organic feed, yes? As a Melbourne based Digital Marketing Agency, we see time and time again how paid partnerships can really assist with the success of a product or service launch for the better, and 2022 is the year to test it as we witness the rise [and rise] of creators.

If you’re in a position to do so, why not try partnering up with one of your favoured partnerships for your next launch. The strategic possibilities are endless and a strong well thought through approach will allow you to leverage their community for your advertising via the Branded Content function in Ads Manager.

The beauty of this means you’ll not only be able to retarget people who engaged with the post in your feed [*coughs, video!], but the brand partners feed as well when approved by the creator account.

If they’re particularly talented, it will give you access across a number of placements such as feeds, Stories and Reels too, depending on the content mediums you’ve agreed on! #AWholeNewWorld #HelloReach



So there you have it! Some fresh and exciting ideas to rejuvenate your campaign activity and make sparks fly in your upcoming ads. Remember each campaign is an opportunity to test for results and these are just some of the industry trends we’re seeing push the needle here in digital agency land. The best bit is seeing what works for you!

Which will you be tackling first, drop it in the comments below?


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