Image of Dane with the words 'What’s new on Instagram this month'


WOAH. How the actual fudge cake is it February already?! With a new month comes a new batch of tasty new features to Instagram to tell you all about as part of a monthly regular feature on the TDP blog!

Let’s get into it!


We’ve FINALLY got more poll options on Stories!


This update got me particularly hot under the collar. Instagram is now rolling out the option to add up to four choices on a poll! Halle-freakin’-lujah. With this new update comes a chance for more engagement [yay!] and a way to get more in-depth when asking your followers a question. 

It used to make me so flippin’ frustrated that Instagram would only let you pick two answers on a poll. Sometimes ya just wanna ask your followers a question and the answer might not be as black and white [or green and red in this case] so instead what I’d usually do is pick the quiz sticker as well and write on the story that there’s no wrong answer. Then typical empathic me would be sad for those who click an option that wasn’t the “correct” answer because they wouldn’t get that feel-good little celebration animation.  🎉 😔 #empathlyf #lol


A blue background with a graphic of a phone. A screenshot of the new poll options is inside of the phone graphic.


You can share your scheduled live feeds on your profile


Instagram has once again copied TikTok with this one [do they have no shame?]

This new display option on your profile when tapped will give folx additional info of the date and time with a pop up prompt, also allowing users to sign up to be reminded when the stream is about to begin.

If you’re not a shybie when it comes to going live, or you want to but you’re nervous no one will show up [we’re looking at you Shawn Mendes] then this is a handy little addition to help raise awareness and prompt more people to tune in.


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You can now view your feed by ‘Favourites’


I was pleasantly surprised this week when I logged into The Digital Picnic account and received a notification that we could now view our feed by ‘Favourites’, but when I went to my own profile, I didn’t have the same option. So I reckon this one is slowly getting rolled out so if you haven’t got the option yet, don’t worry.

Personally, I love this new way to view the feed. It’s allowed us to curate a list of our favourite IG peeps, TDP teamies and of course our wonderful clients, so we can make sure we can shower them all with love when they’ve posted something new to the feed.


A graphic of a phone in front of a orange background. Inside the phone graphic is a screenshot from Instagram of the new update.


Which new update got you all hot under the collar? Let us know in the comments!