We’re big ol’ fans of a carousel here at TDP! The caption word count limit is … well, limiting. If you saw our TDP content doc’s, you’d see comments on the copy with ‘243 characters over, unforch!’ #SozCherie. So carousels let us be a bit more flexible when we want to explain something in depth in a digestible way. 

See this post below for example …


The added bonus to carouselin’ is that Instagram LOVES them as much as we do, and prioritise them when it comes to that all important organic reach meaning more chance of engagement and ultimately, more chance of sales. 🙌

Here’s a few ways you can use Instagram carousels for your business or brand …


Have a good ol’ photo dump


Basically, a ‘photo dump’ is an Instagram carousel post with up to 10 unrelated pictures [It’s like the return of the early Facebook albums all over again.] So if you’re looking for minimal effort, this is the perfect way to share content authentically to your audiences.

If you’re wondering how we’ve gone back in time to the Facebook album days, the trend has risen from all those lockdowns when not so much was really happening, so like, here’s a snap of the coffee I bought on my 30 minute walk around my 5km and a picture of my cat. Enjoy. In all those lockdowns, we learnt to appreciate the small things, and now we’re sharing more of the little things in life that makes us happy in what has been branded “photo dumping”.

If you want a little dump inspo, here’s the one and only ZFB showin’ ya know it’s done!



Split a pic


Got a landscape pic? We’ve got a clever way you can slice it up to make the most of the screen space when people are scrolling through the gram.

There’s a few easy ways you can do this. You can use an app called PhotoSplit or you can use a website like Postcron.com and use the settings below to turn your landscape photo into 2 square images that will flow as you scroll through the carousel.


If you want to take it to the next level, give this blog a read on how to use Canva to create carousels that fleughhhh to create something like the below. 


Post a bunch of UGC pics [user generated content] 


Celebrate your community with a bunch of pictures they’ve tagged you in! UGC is a great way to share really authentic content from your most influential influencers, aka your customers! Make sure to tag the user so they get notified, cause these kinda things will honestly make their day and can make them even more loyal to your brand. 🥰

Show off your testimonies


If you’re getting a bunch of great reviews, spread the positivity by popping each one into a carousel slide. We designed this one below using Canva who have loads of great templates. Simply choose ‘instagram post’ and then under ‘templates’ search ‘testimonials’.


Show a before and after


Has your brand had a bit of a glow up recently? Or maybe you have a product that has a really interesting story as to how it was made. Use carousels to show off the oh so satisfying transformation.


So there ya go, five easy and creative ways you can start using Instagram Carousels to help boost up your visibility with digestible content. Which one will you be giving a try? Let us know in the comments!