Image of Dane on a red background with the text 'What’s new in social media land this month'


How the actual feck is it March? Time flies by when you spend half of it scrolling through TikTok like I do. Speaking of TikTok, let’s get into the first update this month …


TikTok is gonna let ya upload videos up to 10 minutes [!!] long


Like my attention span can really handle this? I can barely make it through the ones that last over 10 seconds, honestly.

We’ve come a long way since TikTok only let you record up to 15 seconds, then to 60 and as of July last year they tripled that to 3 whole minutes. Now 10?! YouTube, looks like you better watch out. TikTok be creepin’ into your territory.  👀

If you haven’t got this feature yet, don’t worry – you should have it soon!



Instagram has launched automatic captions for feed videos


FINALLY! Before now, we used to have to manually add in captions to videos but now Instagram has launched auto-generated captions for videos.

This is going to make the app so much more accessible. 🙌



Meta is bringing Facebook Reels to everyone


Mmm k, so Facebook is trying to make Reels happen. Meta are launching Facebook Reels to all users in hopes to jump on the short-form video trend. If you fancy throwing your TikTok up on yet another platform, you’ll be able to add videos up to 60 seconds in length.


LinkedIn’s got themselves a new emoji reaction


Ever come across a LinkedIn post and proper LOL’d, but then when it came to dropping it some love with a nice and simple emoji response, you’re like “erm … thumbs up? Heart? Celebrate? WHAT DO I CLICK IF I AM PMSL, LINKEDIN?”. Well, we’re now getting a laughing emoji reaction. They got rid of it a while back, but it’s rumoured to be making a return real soon.

For ref, here’s how the current emoji responses you have on LinkedIn. What emoji reaction do you reckon they’ll add next? I’ve got my fingers crossed for a red flag. Lol. 🚩



Which update got your heart skippin’ a beat? Let us know in the comments!