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G’day! In case you’re not following us on Instagram [if you’re not then I fully excuse you to leave this blog for a sec to go and fix that. We’re over at @thedigitalpicnic] then you might have missed our Reel of me showing you this very clever hack to create an animated gif using my favourite website, Canva.

Or maybe you did but you’re more of a ‘learn step by step by reading instructions’ kinda soul. We’re all about keeping it as accessible as possible, so here’s that hack for you in blog form! 🙂


Step 1: 

Go to Canva, click ‘Create a design’, then type in ‘Animated Social Media’ and click the first result.


Step 2:

Now for this bit, you can either take a photo of your product [or whatever it is you want to animate] against a white backdrop and then load that into Canva and use their background remover too [Pro accounts only – highly recommend you upgrade yourself though for all the added benefits!] or you can use a photo that you already have. 

I’m going to be using a photo of me on a unicorn [lol] and then using the background remover tool so the asset is just me on the unicorn with a transparent background.


Step 3: 

Now you’ve got the asset you want to animate, duplicate the page. [Make sure you’ve clicked off the asset for this option to show up]


Step 4:

On this second page, we’re going to rotate the asset 20 degrees to the left. Do this by clicking on the asset then selecting this icon to spin the image around.


Step 5: 

Duplicate the page again and this time rotate it 20 degrees to the right.


Step 6:

Click ‘Grid view’


Step 7: 

Duplicate the first page [where the image isn’t rotated] then Canva should put this as ‘page 2’ so you’re going to want to drag it to become your third page in between the two rotated pages.



Step 8:

Drag across all 4 to select all your pages, and then copy and paste till you have around 20 pages.



Step 9: 

Now come out of grid mode and go back to your first page. Next, make sure your time is on 0.1 seconds and apply that to all your pages.


Step 10:

Now go to ‘Share’ then ‘Download’ then select ‘gif’ then hit download. Voila!


LOOK. 🦄 AT. 🦄. ME. 🦄. GO.

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