Y’know what is my biggest challenge when it comes to Reels? Showing you lovely lot how to do something cool on Canva with just 60 precious seconds. 

I can only imagine it can be even more of an effort to follow step by step! In case ya don’t quite fancy hearing my voice on loop, here’s a step by step guide on our most recent Canva hack Reel. #YaWelcomes

Whether you’re the Founder of a business and breaking away from the company IG account to focus on a personal brand this year, or a freelance marketing powerhaus … we think this little hack’ll be one you want to get around.

If you whip this up in Canva? Take a screenshot of your new and improved bio and tag us in IG stories … I live/s* for this sh*t, ha!

Ps. You’re gonna need Canva Pro for this to work! 

Pss. This can work for your LinkedIn and TikTok profile photos too! 😉


Step 1: 

Head to Canva and select ‘Instagram Post’ [1080 x 1080 px] 

Step 2:

Select ‘Elements’ and go to ‘Line & Shapes’ then pick the circle. 

Step 3: 

A lovely round circle should now appear on your design. Drag it out to make it a little bigger, and then change it to the colour you’d like your background to be.

Step 4:

Now go back to ‘Elements’ and scroll down until you get to ‘Frames’ then select the circle frame. 

Step 5: 

A lovely circle with a Teletubbies style graphic on top should now appear on your design. Drag this out so it is the same size as your background coloured circle. 


Step 6:

Upload the image you’d like your profile picture to be, and drag it on top of that Teletubbies grass and sky graphic.

Step 7: 

Tap ‘Edit image’  and then select ‘Background Remover’ [you need Canva Pro for this handy feature!]

Step 8:

Voila, the background has gone. Now select ‘Crop to’ take up more of the circle. 

Step 9: 

Finally, download it and now it’s yours to show off that lovely face of yours across your social media profiles!

Well go awn then … get around making your new and improved profile pic[s].

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