There’s been a whole bunch of new updates to Instagram this month that have got us all hot under the collar. 🔥

Let’s get straight into it! 


You can now pin a post to your feed 📌


Pinning is nothing new. Twitter has had the feature for yonks and TikTok lets you pin videos to your page so they appear first. So it’s kinda surprising that it took Instagram this long to introduce the feature – which could be a gamechanger to your strategy! 

With the ability to pin up to three posts to the top of your feed, this will allow you to put the spotlight on a new product launch, a sale, a recent Reel or even an introduction post to let those who have just discovered your page know exactly what you’re all about. 

To pin a post, simply click on the the three dots in the right hand corner of your post and then you’ll see a list of options appear. Click ‘Pin to your profile’ and then head back to your feed and you should now see that post at the top with a little pin in the top right hand corner. To unpin, just follow the same steps but click ‘unpin from your profile’.




Reels just became a smidgy bit longer! ⏱️


First they were 30 seconds [how did we cope?!] and then a minute, and now your Reels can be up to 90 seconds … yes, 90 SECONDS long.

With TikTok extending their video length to up to 10 minutes, we wonder if Instagram are slowly working their way towards doing the same … 🤔

Our guess? 3 minute Reels will be Instagram’s next move but we’ll just have to wait and see. 


You can now make your Reels interactive with polls 👍👎


Now Reels has some of the same interactive features as Stories – specifically the poll, quiz and emoji slider. 

I’m personally not too sure about this one. TikTok has a polls feature too, but it’s rare you ever see someone using it but who knows … maybe this will open up a whole new bunch of opportunities to differentiate Reels and TikTok seeing as Instagram users are more used to expecting a poll or quiz to pop up.


You can now import you own audio into Reels 🔊


This is a GAMECHANGER. Before, if you wanted to use audio from TikTok that wasn’t currently on Reels [or a bit of a mission impossible to find] you’d have to have a bit of technical know-how to add it to your video clips. 

Now with the import audio feature, you can now use the audio from a video on your camera roll that is at least five seconds long. 

To do this, simply either save your video from TikTok [or from anywhere for that matter] to your phone, open up Instagram and start a Reel then click ‘Audio’ then ‘Import’ then add the video and you’re done.




Which update has got you hot under the collar? 🔥

Let us know in the comments below!