The key to successful social media marketing = a growth mindset

If the seemingly constant changes to your favourite social media marketing platforms for your biz are leaving you feeling exhausted, anxious and kinda angry (**pulls out hair**) we’re recommending flippin’ on that old growth mindset and changing up the narrative.  Yes, Instagram may be changing drastically. Yes, this may provide some initial challenges. YES, you absolutely can still thrive on social media for your business if you adopt this change and make it work for you.

We’ve got a few ways to remind you how exciting change can be and how you’ve totally got this in the bag when it comes to adapting.


Think of how far we’ve come


With every swerve, twist and turn of our beloved social media marketing platforms we like to take a beat to think of all of the changes that have come before and just how well we’ve turned those challenges into successes. 

Chronological Instagram… Remember that!? We thought the world might end when that more engaging content started moving its way up the feed but it turns out if you’re dedicated to creating great content (like we obvs VERY much are) then your posts have more of a time to shine! 

Those early-day changes to the algorithm that meant you went from reaching every single one of your hard-earned Facebook followers to about 5% of them… who could forget when that happened!? What an awesome excuse to stop spending money on page likes ads and start focusing instead on engaging content that’s going to keep people interested in your content and Facebook delivering it their way. 

Who can recall when they started putting ads on Instagram and everyone said ‘well that’s it for Instagram, no one is going to go for that!’? I’d almost entirely forgotten about that one tbh because obviously those fears were change induced and amounted to not a whole lot! 

A big one that I remember was when stories rocked up at the door and demanded a whole heap of content day in and day out to cater for users looking for a more relatable BTS experience of the brand. While this called for a whole new strategy, I really can’t imagine social media marketing for business without this now.


Change can be good when it means new toys


When you’ve got your social media strategy finely tuned and purring like a well-oiled machine we totally get that change can be kind of scary. 

Hear us out though… it can also be VERY exciting. 

Changes in functionality often mean new features and that really opens the doors to new possibilities. 

It’s probably not news to you but we’re BIG on lifelong learning here at TDP so while we’ll openly admit it can be somewhat uncomfortable to say goodbye to our tried and tested methods, we try our darndest to lean in on social media marketing as it will be rather than what it was. 

In time, it doesn’t feel like so much of an effort and you notice all the things that are to like at this new state of things, even if it’s not exactly what you’d choose if it were up to you. 

It’s also important to remember that these platforms (especially Facebook) are in a constant state of flux, so even if there’s something that’s not great, doesn’t work or comes with issues, chances are, they’ll change it eventually as they bring along even bigger and better shiny new tools for you to play with! 


You could be first in best dressed


Honestly, even if you’ve been doing this for a long time, big changes to the social channels that are working effectively as marketing tools for your business can be somewhat hard to stomach. 

That means we’re all in the same boat. 

Big budgets, small budgets and everything in between. We’re all needing to change our ways to make sure we can still use social media to advantage our respective businesses. 

You can be the little guy and see the biggest success on these platforms and these times of change can be the BEST time to do so. 

Think about it… if you’ve got less red tape and more agility, you can get in first to the party and make this new stage your own! 

Time and time again, we’ve seen small brands adopt new features the most swiftly and beat out their competitors with bigger teams and more $$. 

Just think of what your new growth mindset can achieve when you turn that trepidation into courage! Wow, we’re excited just thinking about it now! 

So while we’re right there with ya groaning audibly when we see those headlines about yet more changes to the social media marketing platforms that have become pivotal to the success of so many businesses, we strongly encourage taking control of what you can and using this new landscape to your advantage. 

You’ve probably done this numerous times already over the years already and you’re going to be more than fine this time too! 



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