We’re back again with some IG Reel trends to give you some inspo when you’re creating your next batch! 

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On to the trends!


Trend: Que sera sera


What’s the trend?: Singer Billianne from Toronto recorded a video of herself covering ‘Que Sera Sera’ and it kinda went viral! 1.7m plays later, it’s been used in almost 40,000 Reels and is just the perfect audio for hitting your audience in the feels. 

Audio: Que Sera Sera – Billianne

How to use the trend:

  • Show the blissful process of creating your product
  • Share the love for a special mama in your life
  • If you’re a mum yourself, you could show how important downtime is away from the business with a beaut montage of cute clips



Trend: Some people are just good people 


What’s the trend?: This is a cute voice over of someone gushing about their pals and is exactly what you’d probably say about your friendship group if you’ve got a good bunch. 

Audio: Original audio – realbatiwutschi

How to use the trend:

  • You could share a cute montage of your BFF who has helped you through the highs and lows of business life
  • Adore ya team? Put this over a cute clip or montage of them all. Perhaps you’ve got some cute clips from a team bonding day!
  • Have fun with the audio and put it over clips of your fave person being all goofy



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Trend: OMG … I made that! 


What’s the trend?:  @Jygao_offiical recorded herself pointing at her earrings saying “sometimes I’ll look at these and suddenly remember … oh my god, I made that!”, since then tons of business owners have used the audio to show off what they’ve created!

Audio: I made that- jygao_official

How to use the trend:

  • Show off a bunch of the products that you’ve created
  • Show the process of creating your product and then when it says “I made that”, reveal the finished product




Have any of these trends inspired ya? Give them a crack and who knows, you could go viral! As always, make sure to tag us so we can see the masterpieces you create. We’ll just be waiting over here to shower you in the comment section with heart eyes and clapping emojis. 😍😍😍😍😍😍👏👏👏👏👏👏