We’re often asked “Hey TDP, what’s your favourite tool for [insert task here]?” And every time? We answer with one of the below …


For scheduling: Sked Social


There’s nothing more unhealthy than being “always on” with your social media, and for that reason? We 10/10 recommend auto-scheduling your content so that you can enjoy “phone down” status more. Plus, scheduling it at the right time means it’ll hit a much larger chunk of your audience at their best time to post and reduce the overwhelm related to a really ad-hoc content posting style.

Our favourite scheduling tool for Instagram content is hands down Sked Social. We’ve been committed Sked lovers for the privilege of content going live when we need it to [i.e our peak time is 7pm] … and not having to be chained to our phone at that exact time [which on Friday is *very* close to wine ’o clock].

Mythbusting time? You absolutely are *not* penalised for auto-scheduling your content.  But, truthbomb? It’s best practice to be close’ish to your content at the time that it’s scheduled so that you can respond to the subsequent engagement that comes through!

Ps. We have a lil’ affiliation with Sked, which means they’ve kindly arranged a deal for the TDP community. You can get 2 months of Sked for free, so you can PROPERLY try it out! The coupon you’ll need to enter when signing up is: TDPxSked. Happy schedulin’! 

Check Out Sked Social here. 


For designing graphics: Canva


I just tried imagining a world without Canva, and I honestly can’t. I’d be lost without it, quite frankly. I’ve been using the graphic designing tool since its early days back in 2013, and today at TDP I use it on the daily [not even exaggerating] for creating social media graphics, curriculum presentations, Reels, carousels … you name it, I’ve created it!

If you haven’t tried it yet, get a free trial of the Pro version to access all the awesome benefits of a paid subscription. You can set up a brand kit, remove a background with one click, resize a square IG post into an IG Story with a single click, plan your content and so, SO much more. 

If you’ve tried giving it a go and felt a bit overwhelmed, they’ve got an online Design School with tonnes of videos and courses. 

Check out Canva here: https://www.canva.com/ 


For photo editing: Photopea


Imagine if Photoshop was free? Well, imagine no more … let me introduce you to Photopea, an online version that does most of Photoshop can do. I barely ever open Photoshop anymore, and if I do? It’s only cause I’m feeling fancy. 💁 

Check out Photopea here: https://www.photopea.com/


For photo + video touch-ups: VSCO


Our Content Director Jacqui introduced me to the app a few weeks ago and my mind was BLOWN. It’s super easy to use and can make both your pics and vids look proper slick without looking overly filtered. Absolute game changer.

Check out VSCO here: https://www.vsco.co/ 


For video editing: In Shot


We’re long-time fans of InShot at TDP. This clever app lets you trim, speed up and add filters to your footage but my favourite feature is how easy it is to resize content to fit different social media dimensions. For example, if you had a video for Instagram Stories but wanted to resize it so its a square aspect ratio, you can do this at a click of a button. Love this for us [and love it for you, if you download it!]

Check out InShot here: https://inshot.com/ 


Hope you found this helpful! Let us know in the comments what your fave SMM tools are. We’re all ears … 👂 

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