Like everyone in the industry, you’re probably feeling pretty time-poor right about now and looking for a way to up your game in a way that’s actually achievable. In swoop the short social media marketing courses of your dreams. #daysaved

Here’s why you should be investing your precious time in short social media marketing courses. 


Done is better than perfect


If you’re feeling like the past couple of years have flown past you’re definitely not alone. I’ll guiltily admit to being that person opening every email with ‘can you believe it’s Friday/October/CHRISTMAS already?!’, but if you take a hot second to reflect on the business landscape from the end of 2019 to now you can see just how much things have shifted. 

Break it down to the months between and it’s like we were pivoting so fast it turned into a full pirouette. Feeling a little dizzy and discombobulated? Yup, us too and it’s no wonder! 



While the lockdowns may be over but the need for the fast-paced evolution of your business and marketing strategy are here to stay. It makes the reality of being able to get through long, theoretical courses unlikely and thus turns short social media marketing courses into the up-skill of your dreams. 

Don’t get us wrong if you think we’re suggesting a drop in quality or less of a commitment to lifelong learning, it’s quite the opposite! We just don’t want anyone to be caught by that paralysis of aiming for perfection for themselves that stops you from doing it at all. We can’t think of many people working in marketing that have the time to make it through endless hours and hours of coursework and curriculum to understand and implement new skills. Not only are there just not enough hours in the day, they’re also hella expensive in many cases and thus out of reach. 

Taking on a short social media marketing course that’s practical, achievable and actionable is the method to success in our book. After all, there’s nothing better than ticking that task off your to-do list! 


Changes are happening all the time


We’ve addressed the whirlwind that is the broader context of the business landscape above, but the other key factors to consider when looking for the right up-skilling solution is the rapid pace at which the social platforms themselves change. If you took a course in Facebook advertising 3 years ago and haven’t checked on the dashboard since you may find you don’t recognise a single thing [#eeeek]. It’s not even called the same thing anymore since Facebook rebranded to Meta! 

Better than doing one long course and calling it a day, remaining up-to-date and relevant with your digital marketing knowledge requires up-skilling through regular short and sharp social media marketing courses. That way, you’re planning for the changes and not so overwhelmed as they constantly roll in (which they will continue to do so). If you can up-skill quickly and regularly you’ve got a huge opportunity to stay ahead of the game and put any new tools and functionalities to use to achieve those killer results we all dream of. 

If you’ve been feeling stressed seeing the constant barrage of emails about changes to your key social media marketing platforms a short social media marketing course is the perfect way to flip that narrative and get back on top! 


Evolution is key


A quick google of any social media stats can show you how big the changes are year after year when it comes to usage and platform behaviours. That means that on top of the changes to the market and the platforms themselves, your audience behaviours are always in a state of motion too. Feeling exhausted just reading about all this change? It’s only a natural reaction! 



Agility is key to being successful in your digital marketing pursuits and when you pair that with short social media marketing courses you’re on to a winning equation. That way you grow and evolve with the landscape, never feeling like you’re running at full pace, arms out, trying to catch up to where you need to be in your marketing strategy. ‘Set and forget’ will just never work in digital marketing and the same goes for your skills and knowledge. Kudos if you’ve found something that works for your brand so far but it’s important to always keep looking ahead testing, refining and optimising your approach so that you never get left behind. 


Our range of bite-sized courses and self-led learning options are designed with you in mind. We make sure you’ve always got access to the most relevant and up-to-date guidance that’ll help your business grow and grow and grow. Come check out some of our favourite options here. We’re more than a little bit excited to share with you the magic of the short social media marketing course.  


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