Are you content with your content?


Have you ever sat at your computer and thought, ‘I have no idea what to post about’? If you have, congratulations! You’re a fully fledged social media professional.


Pre social media, marketing creative was all about taking two weeks to come up with one idea. Now it’s more like one day to come up with two weeks worth of ideas [and we also miss out on the fancy client lunches].


Empty spaces in a content doc just stare at you saying ‘Now what?’. It’s enough to make even the most inspired content marketer run for the ‘Regram’ button [and believe us, there’s no shame in that].


Ok, enough of feeling sorry for ourselves. Today, we’re all about positive vibes and we’re going to help you fill your socials with content marketing goodness! Not only that, we’re going to help you create a sustainable approach to content creation.


Getting the basics right!


If you were making a bolognese, you’d want to make sure you’ve got all the ingredients at hand before you start cooking. Social media is no different: make sure you’ve got your content doc set up, a content calendar established and all the tools you need such as Canva.


That content calendar is extremely important. It’s like getting in a plane and flying over your social page to see how all the posts will work together.


We actually have a content calendar available to buy if you want to avoid some of the initial legwork in creating one – you can find it here.


This content calendar includes 365 days worth of direction and content ideas that will suit any business. A great base to which you can overlay your own business priorities!


Work within your limits!


We know your talent is limitless; unfortunately, your time and your budget are not. We always aim to create ideas that we know we can produce quickly and without destroying worlds. It’s also great to have that consistent content – you don’t want to have one content piece every 3 months that is out of this world while all the other content is a little underwhelming.


There’s always a place for a bigger production but just make sure you can keep the wave going throughout the year.


Let’s get creative


All these ideas are tried and tested and will bring much joy to your social feeds.


Branded Memes – Lots of engagement, easy to put together: is there a more iconic duo in social media management.


Behind The Scenes – Get the team involved in the latest trends on Reels or TikTok, if they’re not quite that outgoing, just a simple pic of the team is a good way to start. Social media just loves people.


User Generated Content – If you’ve got an engaged audience this is a great way to share the love with your community and get more people into your feed.


Promote Your Blogs – People love reading them and there’s the added bonus of driving people to your website.


Keep an eye on socials


The best inspiration for social content is social media itself. Make sure you’re keeping an eye on the latest trends!




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