As someone who is dyslexic, writing copy [and blogs!] has always been a struggle no matter how passionate I am about what I’m writing to write about. In walks AI technology. Like many others, I too panicked at what this means for our industry. Are we all kinda … out of a job? After a few month’s of using it, I think we should all just kind of treat it like Pinterest. Great as a starting point for inspiration, but no where close to the final product or end result that is unique to you. 


If you know us well, you’ll know we’re big fans of Sked Social, so it was music to our scheduling ears to see they’ve added a caption AI feature!

With Sked’s handy new caption tool, you can:

  1. Save a bunch of time! ⏰
  2. Streamline your workflow 🌊
  3. Get a boost of inspiration 💡

Here’s how to use it …


Step 1: Identify your audience and tone

Before you go ahead and start generating your captions, it’s essential for you to understand your audience and the tone of voice you want to covey. Are you targeting young adults, parents or working professionals? Do you wanna be a bit funny, informative or proper serious? Knowing your audience can seriously help you create captions that are gonna resonate and ultimately communicate what you want to say effectively.


Step 2: Head to Sked Social

If you haven’t already got an account with Sked Social and you want to take it for a spin, they lovely Sked team has offered our TDP community a 2 month free trial! All ya gotta do is pop in the code TDPxSked when you sign up. Ya welcome.

Once you’re signed in, tap ‘Create Post’ on the left hand side [it’s a big orange button!]


Step 3: Choose a prompt

Now you’ve got your audience figured out, the next step is to choose your prompt. Think of it as a starting point that Sked Social uses to generate a caption. They can be as simple as a phrase relating to your post, such as “A call to action to help sell the final few spots of our 7 Day TikTok challenge which kicks off 1st May.”


Step 4: Hit ‘Create’ and watch the magic happen

At this step, you also have the option to choose if you want to include emojis or not, so whether it’s appropriate to your brand, or this is something you’d like to pick yourself, you can go ahead and untick it if you wish – then go ahead and click ‘create’ and watch Sked Social do it’s thaaang!



Step 5: Refine it up!

While the tool is great at generating caption quickly, it’s important to remember that it’s still an AI model and it might not always get it right. So take the time to edit and refine up the captions to make sure they feel on brand to you.



So there you have it! Next time you’re suffering from a bit of the ol’ writers block, head to Sked Social and give their new AI tool a try. 🤓