Er, how the heckers is it March?! Time flies when trending audio changes on the weekly so we’re back again to give you some inspo when you’re creating your next batch of Reels. Ya very welcomes.


Trend: Me? Obsessed witchu?! Yes. Yes I am. 


What’s the trend?: This is my personal fave doing the rounds right now. Perfect for showing off your product, service or team! 

Audio: Original audio – trisytre



Trend: What you lookin’ for? We got what you lookin’ for!


What’s the trend?: Looking for the ultimate hype-girl audio for your products? This real is what you’re lookin’ for, it’s got what you’re lookin’ for! 📣

Audio: Original audio – sloan.byrd



Trend: Did somebody say … slay? 


What’s the trend?: So y’know that proper annoying advert where Katy Perry sings that she thought she heard somebody say Menulog? Ding-dong? Ding-da-ding-ding-ding dong? Someone has taken the ‘did somebody say’ and replaced ‘Menulog’ with ‘SLAY?’ and suddenly it becomes a lot more tolerable. Use this audio for showing off a testimonial like in the example below! 

Audio: Did soembody say…slay? – mistermainer1


Trend: Oogum Boogum! 


What’s the trend?: This 1966 banger was recently featured in the ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ trailer which I truly believe is the reason the song has gained some traction again [because anything that features Harry Styles kinda has that effect, right?] Even still, it’s a addictive little tune that can go perfect to … well, anything ya like really! Show off a product, add to some cute footage of your team, or even you having a little down time on a day off to share some behind the scenes action!

Audio: Original audio – jannaaaeeee



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Have any of these trends inspired ya? Give them a crack and who knows, you could go viral! As always, make sure to tag us so we can see the masterpieces you create. We’ll just be waiting over here to shower you in the comment section with heart eyes and clapping emojis. 😍😍😍😍😍😍👏👏👏👏👏👏