Feeling overwhelmed about where to focus your marketing efforts with so many social media platforms to choose from? With Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube and LinkedIn to just name a few, we wouldn’t blame ya for wishing there was a single platform [InstabookInTok?] to save us all time.

But as InstabookInTok will likely never happen – lemme share with ya just a few of the reasons TikTok is worth exploring for small businesses. And, let’s look at some of the businesses who are killing it on this platform.


Reason 1: The potential for organic reach


Of every social platform out there, it’s TikTok that offers the most potential for huge organic reach. Amazing reach certainly won’t happen every time, and TikTok can be fickle – sometimes your content will go off and sometimes it’ll receive crickets. But unlike some platforms where reach typically stays within a predictable zone [*cough* Instagram], there is potential for huge reach on TikTok.

As a platform that’s all about serving up entertainment to the user, the TikTok algorithm is so effective at finding your niche. Its singular purpose is to serve up content that the user might find interesting or entertaining.

So, if you’re using relevant keywords in your headings, titles, captions and in the content itself, TikTok will find the right niche / subculture / target audience for you. This algorithm is unbelievably good – it’ll serve you content you didn’t even know you’d find interesting, but it just gets it right.

And, if you’re making genuinely interesting or useful content, the algorithm will be behind you. And that’s the challenge and the joy of TikTok – you must make genuinely interesting or genuinely useful content. Promotional graphics, brunch photos, inspirational quotes – that stuff won’t cut it on TikTok.


Reason 2: This isn’t a platform that demands polish


One of the things we love the most about TikTok, is the way it’s all about authenticity. The curated, picture-perfect, high production values that we’re used to on Instagram just aren’t required here. You don’t need professional models, professional photos or video shoots, you don’t need slick copy – just a great story, well told.

Sure, there are pockets of the app that are a little more ‘aesthetic’ [as Gen Z would say!] and ‘shallower’ than others. But for the most part – it’s the businesses that share their story well who perform well on this platform. It’s the businesses who take you behind the scenes and share the little things, like ‘a day in the life’ or their order packing process [for example!] that really resonate.

Take, for instance, Swim by Elly. This sustainable swimwear brand is based in Geelong. The founder Elly creates content – largely from her bedroom – that addresses her customers’ needs and pain points. She celebrates pleasure points, focuses on the joys of body positivity and shares gorgeous styling tips. Her content isn’t slick and polished like a typical swimwear brand – it’s conversational, it’s personal and it just works on TikTok.

Small businesses on TikTok can really lean into the conversational aspect to build trust with their audience. Take Elly for instance – she posts behind-the-scenes snippets of her creative process multiple times a day and often responds to her follower’s comments with personalised video replies. Interestingly, her two most popular videos are both responses to customer questions.

You can tell that Elly understands her customers’ purchase patterns, and she even creates custom designs based on requests from her TikTok audience. The platform lets her interact directly with potential customers and lets them ask questions before making a purchase. We have no doubt that this is a key ingredient in her success.


Reason 3: You don’t need flashy tools to create content!


Creating high-quality content on TikTok doesn’t have to be spenny – all you really need is your phone. You can edit your videos for free in the app itself, or by using the CapCut app. Other popular editing apps are iMovie, InShot and Adobe Premiere Rush, but CapCut has our heart here at TDP.

Heck, you can even edit your videos in IG’s Reels if you’re used to that format, then download them to put into TikTok – just make sure to add your text in using TikTok so it stays on brand for the platform’s style of fonts.

If you do fancy getting yourself a few bits of equipment, we’d suggest investing in a tripod or stabiliser to keep your shots steady and make sure to make use of natural light or invest in an inexpensive lighting kit to improve your video quality.

Don’t be afraid to repurpose content you’ve already created for other platforms too – if you’ve got a bunch of Reels, you could turn these into TikTok videos to help reach a new audience. Just make sure they’re interesting and / or useful, otherwise, they’ll do nothing for you.


Reason 4: Even if your business is local, it’s still a great place to help you grow


If your business is only based in a few locations, TikTok can still be a great place to gain visibility. Take Alchemy Salon, as a great example. Based in two Victorian locations, this small team of hairdressers have an *incredible* ability to understand their target market and create engaging content that would be enjoyed by their audience.

With 2.5 million likes and 53k followers, Alchemy Salon has built a large online following. While most of their followers might not be able to visit either of the two salons in person, they can still click through from Alchemy’s TikTok to book an online hair consultation or purchase haircare products.

And for those who are in the area? They’re far more likely to see and hear about Alchemy, given their large presence on TikTok. It might just convince someone to cut ties with their current hairdresser and switch to Alchemy!


Reason 5: Everyone is there. No really, everyone.


There’s a misconception that TikTok is just all about GenZ dancing and eating Tide pods. But the truth is – the TikTok audience of millennials, Gen Xers and Boomers is huge and growing all the time. By some calculations, over half of the audience is over 26.

It’s been the most downloaded app for years, it has eclipsed Google in terms of search volume on multiple occasions and people use TikTok for far longer than the other platforms. Research suggests that the average user opens TikTok up to 15 times a day and spends over 90 minutes each day on this platform.



Reason 6: Advertising potential.


Compared to other advertising placements like radio or television, TikTok’s advertising costs are relatively low, making it a great option for those with limited advertising budgets. You can set your own budget and bid on ad placement, which will allow ya to control your advertising spend. The daily minimum spend can be a little more than Meta, but it’s still a relatively cheap way to advertise.

TikTok’s advertising allows you to target your ads to specific audiences based on demographics, interests and behaviours meaning ya can reach the right people at the right time, which can result in higher conversion rates and a better return on investment – ka-ching!


Learn the practical steps to creating content


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If you’d like to learn how to create TikTok content in a supportive, fun and friendly environment, join us, friend by tappin’ here.