In the ever-changing world of digital marketing, striking the right balance between personal and professional branding is a tightrope walk. While the personal touch of a Founder can add relatability and human connection [and I reckon I do this bluddy well], too much of it can become fatiguing [both for the creator, and the consumer]. 

That’s why I’ve made the calculated decision to step back from our company’s Instagram content. Why? Let me dive into the details, providing insights into the reasons behind this strategic little [big, actually] pivot o’ mine.


Too much of a good thing [lol]


While it’s true that Founder content can offer an unparalleled level of authenticity, too much of it can lead to “Founder Fatigue.” Overexposure risks diluting the message and drawing attention away from the brand as a whole. In our case, our digital marketing agency has grown exponentially; we now have 17 employees and counting. Our Instagram needs to reflect not just me, but the incredibly talented individuals who form the bedrock of our organisation.


More than a one-person show


When I was front and centre in all of our content [not by choice, BELIEVE ME. #lol], there was a risk of creating the impression that our agency was a solopreneur operation. This is far from the truth. We are a team of skilled professionals specialising in paid ads management, and our Instagram content should reflect that diversity and depth of expertise. By stepping back, I’m allowing the spotlight to shine on the tremendous work carried out by our dedicated staff.

The only reason we’ve not leant into this more? Well, a little global pandemi in the world’s most locked down city [Melbs] meant that I just couldn’t … access content from my team in the way that I wanted to, and in the way our social platforms needed to happen.

We can now, so, uh, watch us go.


Focusing on personal branding


Another pivotal reason behind this decision is my intent to focus on personal branding separately. As the Founder, I have my own unique skill sets [namely, raidcal transparency] and opinions that are perhaps better suited for a more personalised platform. Concentrating on my personal brand allows me to interact with my audience on a one-to-one basis, without mixing messages or causing brand confusion.


The introvert dilemma


Being an introvert in a world that constantly demands us to “put ourselves out there” can be exhausting. While I love sharing insights and connecting with our audience, the relentless need to be ‘on’ was taking a toll. By reducing my presence in our company’s content, I can invest my energy where it truly counts—strategising and leading this beloved team o’ mine [as well as our brand new content strategy] to new heights.


Flexing our authority and seniority


The digital marketing landscape is fiercely competitive. One of the key ways to differentiate ourselves is by flexing our authority and seniority in the industry. By showcasing the groundbreaking work and thought leadership generated by my team, we can further cement our standing as experts in paid ads management. This strategic approach also has the advantage of boosting team morale, giving employees the recognition they rightly deserve.

We do this well internally, but it’s absolutely time to make the recognition shine externally as well [i.e via TDP’s social media platforms].


Cherie’s final words…


Deciding to remove myself from our company’s Instagram content wasn’t a decision I took lightly. However, it is a strategic move that allows us to spotlight our growing team, focus on our core expertise in paid ads management, and allows me to divert my attention to personal branding. The ultimate aim? To continue delivering exceptional service to our clients, while also growing as individuals and as a brand.

As we navigate the complexities of digital marketing, remember that sometimes less is more, and in this case, stepping back has propelled us several steps forward.

Ironically, and comically? The engagement on our new Instagram content strategy surpassed what we clock in an entire month within x2 days of the strategy being live [lol].

Like, if that doesn’t scream “yea, f*ck off Cherie” … I honestly don’t know what would.  Jokes aside? The reason why this happened is because I am a genuinely talented Content Specialist, and I knew if I was removing a “piece of content” [me] that has always historically worked really well for us? … I’d need to replace it with something really strong.

… and so that’s what I did [like, within x2 days. Lol].

Wanna watch my personal brand come to life? You can connect with me on LinkedIn here, or on Instagram a little later [I’m not rolling out a personal brand on Instagram until the company IG strategy is in a lock tight, really good position].