Email Marketing has always been an essential factor in nurturing your warm audience, generate traffic to your website, and increasing brand awareness and conversions. Just to name a few. 

But before we dive into email campaigns, let’s start where all the magic happens. Here are 3 email flows (Klaviyo users)/ automations (Mailchimp) I’d recommend starting for e-commerce businesses.

Thanks to the email platform’s automation capabilities, email flows/automations have never been easier to create. Just don’t forget your stellar strategy, hooking subject line, creative and copy. 😉


Email Flow/automation 1: Welcome Series


You’re missing out if you don’t have a welcome series already! It’s the ideal space for introducing your business and getting those conversions rolling in.

Do you ever get emails like “you’re one of us” or “welcome to the fam”? You’ve entered the welcome series. This is when your customer is as active as ever and excited to hear from you. So don’t miss a beat – don’t forget to welcome new subscribers, offer them a discount to encourage first purchases, educate them with your brand story and provide information about what they can expect to see in future emails. 

I recommend having a minimum of 3 emails in this flow that triggers when someone has entered a segmented audience.



Email Flow/automation 2: Win-Back/Re-Activation


So they’re now a part of your customer list… YHUS. But they’re inactive (dun-dunnnn). Win-back/re-activation emails’ primary focus is to target those who have either purchased or never purchased before and haven’t opened your emails in a while. It’s time to reel them back in with eye-capturing content like new arrivals or best sellers. 



This will allow you to also clean out your list. Provide those who have never purchased an opportunity to opt-out and unsubscribe.


Email Flow/automation 3: Abandoned Cart


Don’t we all have those moments when we’ve added to cart, get sidetracked and completely forget?! It happens more often than not. This flow/automation allows you to re-engage and encourage your customers to complete their purchase.

This is another opportunity to incentivise them to return to the cart. Integrate your e-commerce platform like Shopify so you can add product blocks to your email to show the item/s that got away.





I hope you’ve gotten some great insights on the 3 email flows/automations you should create when setting up your email marketing. If you’re after a helping hand when it comes to creating your flow or campaign strategy, we’d love to hear from you.

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