We’ve interviewed a LOT of folk over the x9 years of TDP, well, TDP’n … and there are always a few candidates who are understandably concerned that they’ll hinder their growth within a small business/startup’y kinda climate, and we always wanna say; “have you looked at the “people” section on our LinkedIn company page?”.


Take our Head of Strategy & Growth, Michelle, for example [and we recognise this is just x1 example of many more within our company alone];



When Michelle joined as Strategist we saw her potential to take on much more responsibility from day one. She was hungry to take on a leadership role right from the get go, and subsequently was a big part of building out a business that would support her to grow into the role she undertakes today.


[but, again, she’s just x1 person here … and there really are so many more examples within the “people” section on our LinkedIn company page].


Psst … one of our very favourite things is that so many of our promotions have happened a couple of weeks/months after some of our team have announced their pregnancies [another startup flex, i.e we don’t f*ck around the way a lot of corporate folk do. We promote based on merit, not on “but they’re about to have a baby”].


To those who worry their career growth stalls within the startup setting, we instead say this;


All aboard the “high-growth express” [if you want it, of course]


🚂 Actually, embarking on a career within a startup can often be likened to boarding a high-speed train to your professional development. Unlike the structured pathways of established corporate giants, startups offer a dynamic and agile environment where the only constant is change—and it’s precisely this environment that can catalyse your career progression.


Welcome to a much flatter hierarchy


👥 Additionally, startups are characterised by their flat hierarchies and open cultures, which encourage the free flow of ideas and foster innovation. In such an ecosystem, those with a pioneering spirit—the innovative souls, especially—are not just welcomed; they’re essential. These individuals are able to manoeuvre through the ambiguity and fluidity that might paralyse others. They thrive on the potential to wear multiple hats, thus acquiring a breadth of skills and experience at an accelerated rate. The learning curve can be steep, but it’s incredibly rewarding for those who rise to the challenge.


Also, we hope you like visibility


💥 Moreover, the compact teams in startups mean that each role has a heightened impact. This visibility can lead to rapid recognition and career advancement for those who demonstrate initiative and drive. Startups, with their lean operations, inherently reward those who take ownership, show resilience, and drive results—traits that are indispensable in any business setting.


An entrepreneurial spirit will shine in a startup


In such a milieu, the potential to grow is not hoarded but is often a collective pursuit. The entrepreneurial minds that flourish in startups are usually those who don’t just chase personal growth but also cultivate it within their teams. They recognise that their success is intrinsically linked to the success of their colleagues and the broader mission of the company. By lifting others, they create a virtuous cycle of growth and opportunity, which in turn propels the startup forward.



In a nutshell, a career in a startup can be a powerhouse of growth for the innovative and the proactive. It’s a unique confluence of opportunity, responsibility, and creativity—a space where the audacious can not only chart an extraordinary career trajectory for themselves but also significantly contribute to the growth of their peers, thereby amplifying their impact and driving the startup towards its aspirations.



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