Text reads "Meta Verified: is it really the Willy-Wonka-Golden-Ticket it claims to be?" - next to it is a screenshot to join the waitlist for Meta Verified.


Another day, another trending discussion in digital marketing-land and Meta Verified is hardly new … but now that it’s been a hot minute, and we’ve switched over as well as the large majority of our clients? It kinda begs the question: “is Meta Verified really worth it?”.


To spoiler alert it before you even continue on, I’ll say this: even if it shows zilch value anywhere else? I’d still remain on Meta Verified for the single promise that it apparently gives another layer of account security, and – bare minimum – more support should our, or our clients, accounts be compromised in any way, shape or form.


If something promises more security in a world where I go to bed dreaming [nightmare’ing] about our account being compromised, but especially our clients’ accounts? … you better believe I’m signing on the dotted line, effective immediately [lol].


Outside of all o’ that? … let’s unpack if Meta Verified really is worth it.


Let’s start with our own journey with Meta Verified


At our agency, we’re no strangers to paid advertising.  Lawd, we specialise n paid advertising and we’ve had our fair share of exploring new tools and services. 


As soon as Meta Verified was announced? We took the “no brainer” plunge and paid for Meta Verified, driven by the promise of enhanced visibility and security, especially with the lure of priority support in case of any account compromises.


Actually, if I’m being honest? It’s that last little Zuckerberg promise that had us all hot under the collar [lol].


What happened next? Well, it’s a case of [very typical] Meta expectations versus reality [lol].


And we expected this, honestly.


The reality has been a really typical story for digital marketers everywhere, i.e what Meta promises you versus what it delivers on are two very different things. 


Despite our own investment in Meta Verified, we haven’t observed any obvious benefits, neither for our agency nor across our client accounts. It’s a leeeeeedle bit like buying a first-class ticket and then finding out you just bought a first class plane ticket to, like, Peter Dutton island or something [lol].


All o’ that said? Neither our nor our clients’ accounts have been compromised since crossing over to Meta Verified … so we imagine if this were the case? We’d undoubtedly really appreciate the alleged “priority support”.


Let’s go further and unpack the promised benefits via a closer look


The primary selling point for us was the promise of priority support. As anyone in digital marketing will tell you, time is money, and the quicker you can resolve an issue, the better. 


We were sold on the idea that if our client accounts were compromised, we’d be at the front of the queue for support. While that’s a reassuring safety net, it’s a bit like buying an expensive umbrella in the hopes it might rain.


Again, we’ve not yet needed the priority support … but we know we’ll be grateful for the “umbrella” at the time that it rains.


Again, not exactly over here “hoping that it’ll rain” [lol].


Is it worth your hard earned, tho?


So, is Meta Verified worth the investment? It’s a tricky question. If you’re after the peace of mind that comes with potential priority support, then maybe it’s a safety blanket worth having. But if you’re expecting a significant boost in your digital marketing efforts or a tangible ROI, you might want to hold onto your hat – and your wallet.


A lot o’ people were waxing lyrical about Meta Verified + increased reach = explosive growth, and, uh, sorry to break it to you … but ab-so-lutely not the case.


… which leads us to our next [and final] point


Meta Verified, or, like, Human Verified? [lol].


Here at TDP, we believe in the human touch. Digital marketing is not just about tools and technologies; it’s about creating meaningful connections. Meta Verified or not, what truly makes a difference is how you engage with your audience, understand their needs, and create content that resonates with them.


It’s as simple, and as hard, as this.  And, like, consistently this.


Meta Verified might have its perks, but it’s not a magic wand. It’s important to weigh the costs against the actual benefits and consider whether it aligns with your digital marketing strategy. 


In our experience, keeping it real, staying grounded, and maintaining a humanistic approach have been our true north stars. After all, in the end, it’s not just about being verified by a platform, but by the people who matter most – your audience.



Looking for something significantly better than Meta Verified? Imagine TDP Verified, i.e us > helping you > all year round > without an ongoing retainer, tho [cos’ that can be expensive before you’re ready for it!].


Check out our yearly flagship membership program kicking off for 2024 on March 1st.  


way better than Meta Verified, in our humble opinion.