Text reads "What's in 'Style' for Content Marketing in '24"


2023? Shake it off. It’s 2024, AKA: the year Taylor Swift brings her Eras Tour to Australia. So what do I reckon is in style for this year in the content marketing world? Read on, dear reader


🤖 AI: The Anti-Hero


It’s me, AI, I’m the problem it’s me. ChatGPT has become the unsung hero for many of us. It’s like having an extra set of hands in your creative toolkit. However, while AI can spark ideas, it’s so crucial not to let it overshadow YOUR unique voice. Think of it as Jack Antonoff, a co-writer, not Taylor Swift, the main solo act. The real magic happens when you infuse your distinct personality into the AI-generated content, ensuring it feels genuine and aligns with you or your brand’s tone.


My tips for working smarter with AI? Pick which tasks to keep on your own plate, and which to delegate. Remember, you’re the star of the show here – and you know yourself and your skillset better than anyone. It’s easy to get excited by AI and ask it for help with anything and everything, but if you’re genuinely already a copywriter pro, then don’t flock to ChatGPT for its advice. Struggling with content pillars? Go ask ChatGPT what it would recommend you to focus on.



✋ Platforms that work for you? Stay stay stay


When once upon a time, it was the norm to see brands on every single social media platform that exists, the key to success in 2024 is not to be everywhere but to be precisely where your audience is, and wants to see you. Many brands now are saying bye-bye to platforms and strategies that don’t meet their definition of ROI.


So instead of spreading yourself thin and getting platform overwhelmed, concentrate your efforts on the platforms that truly resonate with your brand and target audience. It’s like throwing an exclusive Grammys after-party rather than being at the Grammys. By understanding the uniqueness of each platform and curating content that aligns with your brand, you’ll create a stronger, more meaningful connection with your audience.

Not sure where to start on your Social Media spring clean? Run a social media audit [psst, we offer those at TDP here!] and identify your hero platforms and the ones you don’t see any return from in both engagement and sales.


⭐️ Entertainment = ROI gold rush


Social media users are seeking more than just promotional content; they want to be entertained and engaged. After using social media to stay in touch with family and friends, the top reason people are using it is to be entertained and mentally unwind. In a Social Trends 2024 Survey from Hootsuite, 34% of consumers said too much promotion is a major turn-off in how they perceive brands on social.


While some brands are stuck in a loop of self-promotion, the real winners are those who embrace the art of entertainment. It’s like writing a chart-topping song – it needs to strike a chord with your audience. From relatable memes to engaging videos, capturing attention through entertainment is the secret weapon for building lasting connections.


We get it, ‘entertaining’ can be a daunting aim when it comes to trying to create social media content. Our advice? Be your relatable human self, not your super-serious-brand -self. Obviously, this is a difficult strategy to pivot to overnight, but if your promo activity isn’t working quite like it used to, start to have a little look at what your competitors are doing for some inspiration on how you too can humanise up your content. So, in the pursuit of ROI, remember: the show must go on, and it must be entertaining.


🤔 TikTok’s reign: is it over now?


As Taylor Swift once sang, “Are we out of the woods yet?” – a question many of us social media marketers ponder about TikTok’s future. Just like Swift’s ability to reinvent herself, TikTok continues to surprise and evolve. It’s a ‘Blank Space‘ waiting to be filled with your creative endeavours. So, any doubts? ‘Shake It Off‘ and embrace the ‘Style‘ of TikTok.


😎 Authenticity never goes out of style


In the world of ever-changing trends, one timeless truth remains: authenticity never goes out of ‘Style.’ Authentic content is not just a fleeting trend but a core element that forms a lasting connection with your audience. Sharing genuine stories, experiences, and behind-the-scenes moments humanises your brand. In an age where consumers value transparency, authenticity becomes your brand’s superpower. So, no matter how trends sway, staying true to your authentic voice will always be en vogue.


🧣 Nostalgic content hits different


In the era of ‘throwback Thursday,’ nostalgic content is making a strong comeback. Much like revisiting an old T-Swift album, tapping into nostalgia creates an emotional connection with your audience. It’s not just about reliving the past but infusing timeless elements into your present content. Whether it’s a nod to retro aesthetics or revisiting memorable moments, nostalgic content resonates across generations. So, take a trip down memory lane, weave the essence of the past into your narratives, and watch as your audience hits replay on your content.


📒 Long story short?


In the ‘End Game‘ of content marketing, remember that the ‘Story of Us‘ is what sets you apart. Much like Taylor Swift’s eras, your content should be a progression, an evolution that keeps your audience engaged. So, ‘Begin Again,’ embrace the ‘New Romantics’ of content trends, and let your brand’s narrative be the ‘Red‘ thread that ties it all together.