7 Day Challenges


Always wanted to join a social media marketing challenge, but wanted it to be TDP-led? Naw. #SankYew

See also: you can now.  For just $50.

Now, why are we charging you for a challenge when there are some out there online that are entirely free? Well, because those challenges won’t tell you much more above “include 30 hashtags on your Instagram posts” and “work with influencers” and “respond to engagement”.

… and then you’ll receive x50 emails as soon as you finish the challenge upselling their bespoke 5k program, ha! #ewDavid

This isn’t that kinda challenge, because we’re *not* those kind of marketers.

This will be deeply strategic + it’ll also be something that genuinely moves the needle on your social media presence … and more importantly, holds you accountable in a climate that has you feeling a little bit scattered, and not a whole lot strategic.

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    7 Day Instagram Challenge

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    7 Day Instagram Reels Challenge