Welcome to the nicest place on the internet.

A bit about us

Ya know that awkward moment where you’re researching which digital agency
to partner with, and you flick-awn-over to their social platforms, and uh … they’ve not got a whole lot o’ walk-the-walk going on?

We’re not that agency.

Whether you’re scoping us out on Facebook, Linkedin or Instagram … you’ll see a standout online presence from a digital marketing agency that passionately believes in walking-the-walk when it comes to how we represent ourselves online.

We were the geeky [but-also-kinda-cool] kids growing
up. The [very] early adopters of the internet. The kids with the username “Chezmeister” in mIRC chat rooms, and who were coding their very first websites at 14 years old from their circa 1990’s bedrooms.

Nowadays? We build powerhouse brands online, from one-person startups packing product in their garages … right through to global brands who’ve chosen to partner with our agency, because they’re craving something genuine, and they’re craving people who are genuinely obsessed with this industry and what it can do for your business.

There’s a reason we’re often referred to as “the nicest place on the internet” [and mostly by our clients], and that’s because when you work with us? … we’re like an immediate [natural] extension of your team.

Why we exist

We’re passionate believers in social media for social good, and giving back.

[srsly. Our Founder heads up a vigilante group in her spare time that performs random acts of kindness for everyday members of the community].

Y’see, whilst profit’s cool and everything [and TDP is profitable], we’d say one of our bigger success measures revolves around our need to be involved with social media for social good, and especially ensuring that we give back [we average 70k per annum in “give back” to organisations we select for a) charitable donations from us, and b) pro bono services provided by us].

Sure. We could all be like Steve Bezos and hoard all o’ the wealth, but we lean towards the belief that money in good hands is a good thing … and so when money hits our hands? We ensure we’re the good hands who give back.


We decided long ago that the very moment our company became profitable, would be the exact moment we made sure we gave back … and so give back we do.

Our values





Social Media for Social Good


“Service is a gift worth giving”

– Simon Sinek