About Us

What makes us tick, apart from Digital Media of course!

We love to teach

We are unashamedly passionate about educating people about Digital Media, in all its forms.

We love to think & create

We are positively teeming with creative ideas that are just bursting to get out.

We love to help

Managing your digital media can feel like a big old jumbled puzzle, until you get the basic frame in place. We LOVE helping people realise their social media potential.

We love to connect

Just TRY keeping us off Facebook, we dare you. Oh, and did we mention that Pinterest is our RELIGION?

Catherine & Cherie - The Social Playground

Our Story

Cherie and Catherine met online, OF COURSE!

What started as friendly banter on a local Facebook group in the Inner Western suburbs of Melbourne, blossomed into what is now The Digital Picnic.

The Digital Picnic specialises in social and digital media workshops and events.

Our business is passionate about helping small business and its our absolute pleasure to work with business owners to improve their knowledge of the social and digital world.

Cherie Clonan

Cherie Clonan


Cherie is our resident social media geek. She works full-time in social media management, & simultaneously wrangles x2 little people. In 2014, she was named one of Australia’s best social media managers by Life Instyle. She can’t wait to share all of the knowledge inside her never-goes-to-sleep social media brain that recently deemed her to be one of “Australia’s best”.

A non-drinker of coffee, Cherie instead turns to all things salted caramel to help keep her awake, & able to successfully manage social media full-time whilst wrangling her little people.

Catherine King

Catherine King


Catherine is our resident tech queen! With more than 10 years experience in Digital Marketing, she has recently started digital marketing coaching via her business Seeking Digital. She spends her days coaching small business clients to digital marketing greatness and will happily drink all the coffee that Cherie chooses to pass on!

Catherine is passionate about giving people the tools to manage their own digital media & marketing and loves to share her knowledge of the online space.


Christina Chiodo

Christina Chiodo

Facilitator of Social Media Geekery

I’m Christina, an accidental Digital Strategist and occasional co-presenter of The Digital Picnic’s ‘Get Social Savvy’ workshop.

I have my own social media business born out of my love for working with time poor business superstars who get the ‘why’ of social media, but not necessarily the ‘how’.

I’m a lover of all things colourful (Cherie and I bonded over our Gorman love), I sing in three choirs, I’m obsessed with podcasts and most importantly, I’m a mama of two and wife of one (ha!).

Teaching other people how to get their social on the right path is my ‘jam’ (as Cat and Cherie say) and I’m a bit chuffed to be a part of the rockin’ TDP crew. See you in the workshop room!

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