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We love to teach

We are unashamedly passionate about educating people about Digital Media, in all its forms.

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We are positively teeming with creative ideas that are just bursting to get out.

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Managing your digital media can feel like a big old jumbled puzzle, until you get the basic frame in place. We LOVE helping people realise their social media potential.

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Just TRY keeping us off Facebook, we dare you. Oh, and did we mention that Pinterest is our RELIGION?

Catherine & Cherie - The Social Playground

Our Story

Cherie and Catherine met online, OF COURSE!


What started as friendly banter on a local Facebook group in the Inner Western suburbs of Melbourne, blossomed into what is now The Digital Picnic.


The Digital Picnic specialises in social and digital media workshops and events.


Our business is passionate about helping business’s small to large and its our absolute pleasure to work with business owners and teams to improve their knowledge of the social and digital world.

Cherie Clonan

Cherie Clonan


Cherie is an award winning digital marketer, who is passionate about the difference best practice social media marketing can do for businesses and organisations.


She has a proven track record of bringing significantly increased social engagement, community growth and transforming social accounts. In 2015, she joined Feather & Noise [a Melbourne fashion label] as their freelance social media strategist and has grown their accounts to a combined following of over 66k in 18 months through best social media practices and strong influencer outreach marketing.


Her strengths are strong wordsmithing / digital copywriting skills, and growing strong communities via using that critical ‘right tone’ on the accounts she oversees.


Her favourite aspect of social media marketing is the development of powerful social media marketing strategies…perhaps it was those two years on the high school chess team, always thinking about the next best move?!

Catherine Skreiner

Catherine Skreiner


Catherine is an accomplished and experienced marketing professional, with 20 years experience across industries such as beauty, energy/utilities, property and hospitality, with a specialist focus on digital marketing for the past 12 years.


Possessing a broad range of technical and traditional marketing skills, Catherine’s passion lies in the online space. She embraces the latest in digital media tech, is fanatical about analytics and loves looking for ways for brands to grow and evolve their customer relationships.


Catherine has a natural flair for teaching and a genuine love for training and providing people with the skills to manage their own digital media and marketing. The social media landscape is ever evolving and Catherine loves to stay up to date with local and international best practice trends.

Emily Spicer-Stuart

Emily Spicer-Stuart


Emily Spicer-Stuart is a marketing die-hard, with both a Bachelor and Masters of Marketing under her belt, she is living proof that being obsessed by human behaviour can prove a useful skill!!


After living, breathing and surviving the FMCG corporate world for more than 15 years, helping multi-million-dollar companies (think Lancôme, Mattel, Kraft, SaraLee, L’Oreal and Yoplait) become number one in their categories, Emily knew she could take her expansive knowledge and help others.


So she put her brave sunglasses on and followed her Business ownership dream and began her own Marketing consultancy. This is exactly where you will find her today, knee deep in marketing strategy and wall planners, with her sleeves proudly rolled up – helping her clients accelerate their business growth.


Open the dictionary next to the words curious, bold or organized and you will see a little pic of Emily. She prides herself on being a life learner, proven when she studied Life Coaching and Digital Marketing whilst building her biz, working part time in the corporate world AND juggling small poppets at home (some people would call that madness, Emily would call is having a serious strength in multi-tasking and perspective). Emily advocates that you don’t need the FMCG corporate budgets to experience business success. You see, the marketing principles are still the same, whether you’re big business or small.


Emily is an excitable marketer, with out of the box ideas, big picture thinking and a special knack at being able to motivate others to take action as her top skills. She is a professional hand holder and not afraid to kick your butt to keep you on track, if you peek into her Instagram Bio you will see her self-proclaimed title is ‘Head Cheerleader’ which sums her role up perfectly!!


Emily is wildy passionate about sharing her marketing and business building experience to help other business owners reach their full potential.


The real kicker? She does all of this with a smile on her face, believing you shouldn’t take life or business too seriously. She has a ball of fun with her clients, dusting themselves off during the challenging times and popping the champagne when there are wins to celebrate.

Bobby Green

Bobby Green


Originally from New Zealand, Bobby is a versatile creative who has found her niche well and truly within the colourful and complex world of food. Although a Biomedicine major at university, she kept the creative door ajar with minors in English Literature, Linguistics, and Communications. 


After 6 years of juggling freelance restaurant work with her own cafe, she launched her own agency, Charm Offensive Melbourne. The agency is passionate about growing the digital presence of Melbourne’s restaurant industry and unlocking the potential of social for some of Melbourne’s favourite venues.


She prides herself on creating witty, incisive copy for her clients, and helping them find the voice that will set them apart in an increasingly competitive market. Her natural tone is pithy and irreverent, but she relishes the challenge of assisting a diverse range of clients.


She’s also an experienced food photographer, and is involved regularly in high profile shoots for commercial brands, as well as for her cafe and restaurant clients.

Ali Wood

Ali Wood


Ali Wood is country-girl at heart, living in the heart of Melbourne’s west. Ali’s childhood revolved around reading books, writing & telling stories, and as a teenager, found a love of photography too. It’s only fitting is now a communications professional with over 10 years’ experience both in traditional & digital marketing.


Her experience covers a range of industries including manufacturing, beauty, insurance, fitness and event management. With a passion for health & fitness, Ali joined events management company, Sole Motive at the start of 2016, and quickly demonstrated her love of strategic online marketing – growing event participation across five events (in a declining market) from at least 16% in a year for two different events, to 28% for another two within two years.


When it comes to digital marketing & social media, Ali is a natural story-teller. She loves diving deep into a certain industry or topic and loves finding out what makes audiences tick, then crafts relevant and meaningful stories to be used across a variety of channels.


With solid generalist marketing experience, Ali’s favourite thing in the whole world is a plan (and a to-do list)! She loves building strategic marketing plans built on solid research & investigation – and won’t deliver one she’s not proud of.


Her specialties include managing online communities, content creation & brand storytelling, managing eDM campaigns, strategy & brand development, content marketing, copywriting and event management.

Alex Austin

Alex Austin


Alex is a talented social media strategist with an eye for detail. Her early adoption of all things social, coupled with a Sales and Marketing background and a passion for English Literature, landed her in the pursuit of Social Media Management. In 2014 she co-founded Fletch Digital with husband Todd.


Her number one work related activity is helping a brand perfect their social storytelling; not a surprise to anyone who witnessed the primary school years where exercise book after exercise book of short stories were filled to the brim.


She loves what she does and is passionate about helping local businesses get close to their communities, build lasting relationships while bringing digital strategy to life and achieving their goals in digital media.

Todd Austin

Todd Austin


Todd is a dynamic left-field thinker with a passion for creative ideas and watching them grow.


His approach to work is much the same as in life, applying good design to everything he does. With ten years experience behind him, Todd’s background in graphic design led him to Partner in a boutique advertising agency in 2012.


His experience with traditional and non-traditional marketing has greatly expanded, leading him to pursue a future in online marketing and social media and in 2014 co-founded Fletch Digital with wife Alex.


He now specialises in Facebook Ad Strategy and Implementation, has a keen interest in the latest tech gadgets and is Fletch Digital’s resident vlogger.

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