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Hi Cherie and Catherine,

I just wanted to take the opportunity to contact you, and thank you personally.  After attending you workshop in Bendigo, I have been able to become smarter with my social media, to continue to build my business. The benefits have been almost immediate.
From engaging influencers, and getting up the courage to contact them, to setting up processes and procedures, to make the most of my time, whilst managing my social media using useful apps and techniques, the results have been obvious- in my businesses social reach, in my time management, and in my own self confidence.
Thank you.

Happy Hands Happy Heart

Baby Berry

Wow, wow WOW!! This workshop was quite simply FANTASTIC. I can not speak highly enough about it. You know that feeling you get when you come away from something and you’re so incredibly excited and pumped that you just want to do everything now???!! Well that was me. Driving home after this event my mind wouldn’t not stop racing. Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest… Must. Get. On. The. Computer. This happened all night. So much so that I got up and worked through my list of things to do from 2am-4am. Crazy? Maybe, but when you have 2 busy kids, you take what ever time you can get!

I learnt so much about social media and all the tips and tricks that come with it. I’ve already told so many people about this workshop - absolutely worth it’s weight in gold. Thank you thank you thank you!


Baby Berry

Blake & Grace

Cherie & Cat - WOW where do I start?  

Your ‘Social Media for Beginners’ workshop not only inspired me, but it gave me the confidence to have a crack and launch my business!  

The way the course was run, the content that was covered in 4 hours and it’s delivery were first class!  You both have an incredible knack to make people feel really at ease and comfortable to speak their opinion, ask questions, no matter how silly I/they felt to ask them is truly remarkable.  

You girls know your stuff that’s for sure and I appreciate all of the on-going support you’ve given me post the course.  The TDP FB group has been my savior over the past two months since launching Blake + Grace and I honestly feel as though some of the success in getting to over 400 followers on my 2 main Social Channels IG & FB in just on 10 weeks is well and truely thanks to you lovely ladies and the group of amazing and talented people that have attended your workshops and provide guidance and advice in that time.

I can’t wait to attend the next work shop…if they stop selling out so quickly 🙂

Thanks again ladies, I really do appreciate everything you’ve done for me and Blake + Grace.

Lauri x


Blake & Grace

Little Maggie Moo

A huge thank you to both Cat and Cherie for running such a fantastic workshop, I enjoyed every minute of it. You guys answered all of my questions and gave me some really helpful advise – I came away feeling pumped and ready to take on the digital world!

I also have to say that I’ve found the Digital Picnic Facebook group really helpful. I love all the feedback and support you get, not only from you, but from all the other members. It’s a lovely little digital community 🙂

Thank you.


Little Maggie Moo

Techno Bird

I attended TDP’s “Get Social Savvy” workshop in their AMAZEBALLS space at the Kensington Collective in May 2015. Cherie and Cat were very warm and welcoming to myself and each of the lovely ladies who attended with me.

I learnt sooo much and my love of social media and all things online grew to new levels -  I’ve since put all the things I learnt in the workshop into my business online and I’m experiencing fantastic results! I cannot recommend this workshop and these 2 ladies highly enough for all your social media needs - great or small.

Thank you thank you thank YEW!


Techno Bird

Zonkt Designs

A big thank you to both Cat & Cherie for all their support leading up to the workshop, during and now after.

The workshop it's self was fabulous! To get insiders knowledge, hints and tips on how to work social media into your business and how best to adapt it to your business needs.

It was great to meet other like minded souls as well as other business dealing with Social Media from different levels, creating a greater understanding of the challenges not only experienced as a start up business, but what it will mean when things progress, what to look out for and manage when it gets to a greater level.

What I have loved so much about The Digital Picnic is not only the workshop as it is so much more than that, is the continued support and community after the workshop.

Although it is early days for me, I feel energised and have already started putting these learnings into play and gaining wins as I do.

Biggest thank you ever gorgeous ladies. xxx


Zonkt Designs

Virtually Virginia

Thank you guys for a great day! I really appreciated how you addressed my business situation specifically (as well as everybody's there!) and gave me specific examples/ideas on how to improve my social media channels right away.

You both provided practical, tangible concepts for me to take away, which I have found rare at the workshops I've been to in the past!!

Thanks so much.



Virtually Virginia

Colour of life photography

Thank you to Cat & Cherie for the invaluable knowledge, advice and awesome tips I received at the recent Melbourne workshop I attended. I am slowly implementing each tip and look forward to seeing them play a big part in the social media presence of my business. It was great to get an up to date take on all things social media since it is an ever changing beast.

Apart from the excellent approach to giving us all these new ideas at the workshop, I am also finding the access to the Facebook group afterwards priceless as you gain so many different takes and ideas on all things social media and lots of people are there to help you out with any questions - it is great and I think you. Hopefully soon I will be able to contribute in my own way.

Thank you again


Colour of Life Photography

The Source Brunswick

It was my great pleasure to attend a social media workshop from The Digital Picnic prior to setting up the Instagram and Facebook pages for my parents' business, The Source Bulk Foods Brunswick. I have implemented only a handful of their recommendations - and still had amazing success!

The social media has been live for 2 months, building anticipation and interest in the shop. As a franchise we have limitations as to the kind of marketing and content that can be used - but with some of the great ideas from The Digital Picnic we have really soared. The store opened this week, and the opening day was the busiest in the history of the franchise!! We can only attribute this to the social media.

Thank you so much Cat and Cherie for your knowledge, enthusiasm and encouragement. No matter the type of business, these courses have something for everyone!


The Source Bulkfoods Brunswick

Amelia's Armoire

I'm still buzzing after the workshop almost a week ago and have been using every spare minute to tweak my social media strategy (I wish there were more hours in the day!!). The tips from Cherie and Catherine have been invaluable already and I can't wait to see the results come rolling in.

Thank you again lovely ladies!


Amelia's Armoire

Blossom & Glow

I just had to thank you for the workshop on Sunday! The session was so completely inspiring and motivating, I thoroughly enjoyed it and felt that it was really worthwhile!

And I just wanted to share my first experience with you as it’s simply AMAZING!

Monday night I posted on FB using your tips. I’m still flabbergasted about how it was received. It reached 10x the regular number of people that see my posts AND I sold out of both items featured in the post within 2 hours. The course paid for itself (and then some) after following your tips on ONE POST!

So, it’s fair to conclude that you two are simply two geniuses who just get social media!



Blossom & Glow Maternity and Women's Clothing

Linea Casa Logo

The workshop was seriously amazing. The presenters did a fantastic job and were very clear. I left feeling very inspired to get cracking on all aspects of social media. I realised I was too focused on Facebook and the strategy had been all wrong.

Overall the workshop was great - Im currently completing a Business IS Degree and got much more out of your workshop than 12 week classes dedicated to the same topic.


Linea Casa

Blair Edwards Landscaping

The workshop blew my mind and has given me loads of inspiration. It also made me realise how far behind the 8 ball we are.

Since taking the workshop my mind has been ticking all day & night long and I am feeling very motivated.


Blair Edwards Landscaping

Tess & Trix

I really enjoyed the workshop. Cherie and Catherine have a wealth of knowledge that they shared in a professional and accessible way. There was no techno-babble, just honest real life examples of how to make the most our of your social media platforms.

Great insight into tools and strategies that savvy online social marketers use, as well as information about apps and programs that are available to measure and quantify the success of each post.

The workshop content is great for both beginners and those wanting to delve deeper. I left with my head bursting with ideas, and a plan of action.

The post workshop Facebook group has been fantastic too - an opportunity to share more tips and tricks, provide ongoing support and encouragement. Overall, the workshop represented excellent value for money and I've recommended it to others.

Thank you for a great afternoon and a chance to meet and connect with fellow creatives.


Tess & Trix

Lecinda Ward Photography

Cherie and Catherine have truly changed my whole outlook on social media after I attended their workshop! I started adopting some of their strategies for Instagram and in the two weeks since I attended the workshop, I’ve managed to organically attract 50+ followers to my Instagram account and the numbers keep climbing every day!  My mind is still buzzing with all the new tips and tricks I’ve learned, I have pages of notes still left open on my desk to help keep track.

The private Facebook group is awesome as well, so full of supportive people! Cherie and Catherine are truly all about community not competition, and are NOT shy about sharing the tips, tricks and hidden gems of knowledge they have gathered over the years, both during the workshop and in the private Facebook group, which is so refreshing and amazing.  Thank you so much for everything.


Lecinda Ward Photography

The Organic Place

I had a fantastic time attending The Digital Picnic's digital workshop. It was great to network with other like minded people, who also want to manage their own social media.

The workshop has enabled me to strategically plan my social media content, effectively market my business and make me feel like a graphic designer! For me, the best thing has been the continued support fromThe Digital Picnic after completion of the workshop. Anything I've had trouble with or didn't quite understand Catherine and Cherie have been happy to help.

Keep up the good work ladies. You truly have made my life easier and enabled me to save some money by learning to manage my own social media accounts.

Good luck!


The Organic Place

Antipodean Love

Thank you so much for an awesome jam packed workshop. Lots of info was packed in to the four hours of power! You ladies really know your stuff and I loved how the info was delivered. It was such a great afternoon, very relaxed and seriously felt like I was just chatting with friends.

I was very appreciative of all the extra tips and tricks that were shared. This workshop re-ignited the fire in my belly, I sat there nodding my head, jotting down notes furiously and drove back to Ballarat with my head buzzing (in a good way). I came away with ideas, a new perspective on things and feeling even more excited for the future of Antipodean Love so thank you ladies, looking forward to the Masterclasses in 2015.


Antipodean Love

Happy Naps

I was nervous going in and walked out inspired, motivated and excited. My mind has been tick, tick, ticking since!
Thanks so much to Cherie and Cat for their absolute wealth of knowledge and obvious enthusiasm for their game. I never realised how much 'social' is important in social media. Who'd have thought hey?

In one week I've been able to navigate my way through FB and IG and get my head around how to manage my social media to get as much reach as possible. Plus realise the power of the hashtag! These girls truly know their stuff and have so much to share. Plus the support they provide is invaluable.

Such a great business endeavour to really help people get on the right track.

Thank you both so much!


Happy Naps

Jens & The Fly

A massive thank you to Cat and Cherie from The Digital Picnic for hosting a fantastic social media workshop. I went in knowing that I needed to “do something” and came out with a notebook full of ideas, hints and tips. 

Two weeks on and I am building my Instagram page, understanding which FB posts work and how to maximise my ‘reach’ as well as scheduling all manner of posts. 

Thank you for inspiring and educating, your passion and enthusiasm is infectious.


Jens & The Fly

I attended the course a few weeks withThe Digital Picnic run by Catherine and Cherie and was amazed at the knowledge and information they passed on and shared with all of us.

I highly recommendThe Digital Picnic for anyone wanting to either learn about social media or expand their knowledge.


Paul's Landscape Gardening Services

Claire's Kitchen

The Digital Picnic workshop I attended in December 2015 was like going on a health kick for my creativity and my business. At first it’s a little tough. You know the information you’re getting is right and valuable, but it is buzzing around in your brain and it takes some time for you to pull yourself out of your funk to make some changes. You start slowly, chipping away at it… then you are up in to the wee hours biting your nails trying to work out how best to use your new ideas in the best way to promote YOUR business.

The information and knowledge you so honestly and candidly shared with us was “work changing” and the post workshop support group is a fabulous encouragement to keep at it.

Thanks Catherine & Cherie, it is not what happened in the workshop, but what I plan will happen after that makes me feel like the day was absolutely money well spent!


Claire's Kitchen

Write Hand Woman

I just wanted to thank you for your workshop and also for the fabulous Facebook group which is providing continued support and impetus for my social media 'attempts'. I am still in the very early days of promoting my business but I feel far more confident about what I should be doing and I also have a better understanding about how I can use various platforms to provide my business with an integrated online presence.

While there is so much to absorb and think about, I now feel excited about planning my strategy for the year ahead, particularly as I know that the team at The Digital Picnic (as well as all the other workshop attendees) have created an amazingly supportive community in which to discuss and generate new ideas.

Thanks so much!


Write Hand Woman

Me & My Girl

I attended the Social Media Workshop with Catherine & Cherie and loved every minute of it. Not only were the tips and tricks invaluable, but the girls are so lovely.

This has helped me enormously with planning, posting and content decisions and based on this more followers, likes, comments and shout-outs have been rolling in. YAY!

I love the post-workshop forum they have set up on Facebook where you can chat with both the girls and past attendees, it is such a brilliant resource that I use every week.

Bring on the next one!


Me & My Girl

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