Bite-sized eLearning

It’s daunting just starting out, isn’t it?

Can we tell you something? We’d bet our firstborn child you actually know far more than you give yourself credit for, but if it’s Imposter Syndrome you need to conquer [or you really are brand new to social media marketing]… these are the perfect little [seriously bite-sized] eLearning modules [starting at $50] that’ll walk you through some all-important introduction to social media marketing concepts.

Whether’s it’s because you’re sitting at job interview for a social media position 2.5 hours early [no judgement. We’re x3 hours early to everything, ha!], and you just wanna smash through some o’ these bad boi’s to conquer Impostor Syndrome, or you’re just returning to digital marketing post-parental leave [Impostor Syndrome on fleek, but also not necessary… because you’ve *got* this].

Maybe you’ve signed up to one of our one-day strategy workshops [and you’re worried it might go over your head, so wanna tackle these introductory concepts first], or you’ve wound up in social off the back of some administrative work within your organisation and feel like you have NFI why they picked you?

Or perhaps you’re considering a career change into social media marketing [or an even bigger leap of faith, freelance social media marketing]… these are some of the [many] reasons our Masterclasses could be the “packs-a-real-punch” introductory workshop for you.

Swallow that Impostor Syndrome, in less than x2 hours… and for the same price as that set of false eyelashes we once invested in that made our eyes water’y within 0.0005 seconds… and then fell out x3 days later? 🤷🏻‍♀️

Explore our Bite-sized eLearning Options

  • So you want to be a Social Media Manager?

    So you want to be a Social Media Manager?

    $24.95 incl. GST
  • Pinterest Online Masterclass

    Pinterest Online Masterclass

    $50.00 incl. GST

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"I couldn't recommend TDP high enough"

Their online courses are like little gold mines, and have helped demystify social media so much for me! I’ve signed up for more, and can’t wait to put my learning into practice in my own business.

– Mel Hennessy

"I've invested in online training time and time again with TDP."

 Quite simply, they teach quality strategy and you WILL get a ROI fast. The whole team makes the business a success. Obviously well chosen peeps, a good leader and great values. If you’re thinking of taking a course, do it. They’re gooood.

– Fiona Smallwood

"Quality product and great value for money"

(“How to Humanise Your Brand”) was one of my first products purchased from TDP. It was a total game changer for how i think about presenting my brand on line. The team at TDP have done an exceptional job of quantifying exactly what it is that they do that makes their brand so human and so likeable and relatable. If you are looking for clear and specific changes you can immediately action, then this program is the one for you!

– Kim Sheppard