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Goodbye, hello@

    I did something big this week.   Well, to me [a.k.a #highfunctioninganxiety], … it’s big.  To anyone else, I imagine you’ll be like, … it took you 3.95 years to hop off your company’s e-mails [?!], but it did, and I’ll be honest, my departure from our TDP hello@...

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Not on social? Here’s what your business is missing and why

  Business life is well… BUSY! What we know this means for a lot of businesses is that getting to the social media party can be a little slower than ideal.   Fear, lack of familiarity and limited access to resources all play a big role in making it that little bit...

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How social media is leveling the playing field

It’s no secret just how much we love social media at The Digital Picnic.   The community, the content, the possibilities… it’s really changed the game for the better, from our perspective!   One of the biggest factors we love about it though, is the path it’s paved...

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The best thing you can be online is [unashamedly] you

With trolls lurking in every corner of the internet it can sometimes be a little bit scary to express any kinds of vulnerability on social media… we feel ya!   Your contact with your audience, fans and loyal supporters is direct and instantaneous so as quickly as you...

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It takes villages to raise [small business] babies.

The other night, I MC’d an event alongside the incredible girls from Circle In, Jodi and Kate.   It was a night discussing start out to start-up, and as you can imagine when anything is related to the discussion of #startupLYF, … it gets personal, and intimate, and...

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Community over competition, … or something a little like that.

For as long as TDP exists? The thing that’ll make me the most uncomfortable is this seriously bizarre thing where we can go from being someone’s BFF, to [almost hilariously] their sworn enemy [and seemingly almost overnight], for no other reason other than that we put...

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Why all Facebook ads are not created equal

Facebook Advertising has been thrust back into the spotlight of late with everyone lamenting the constant algorithm changes that seemingly make it impossible for small businesses and insisting that you simply *must* advertise to be seen on Facebook.   Algorithm...

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Our thoughts on Facebook, and its [big] changes.

Wow FB, … you sure know how to keep us on our toes, ha!  Just quietly though, … we secretly love it.  It’s probably a big reason why we’re so well suited to an industry like digital marketing, because we like change, we embrace it, … and we thoroughly enjoy creating...

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