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At the risk of sounding a little cray, sometimes I think you might need to really, genuinely burn out in order to come full circle and ultimately experience reinvigoration [??!!].   For some reason unbeknownst to me, I don’t think it’s until you approach [or God...

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#DigiGeeks Connect – June 2016

What a magic night last night at our #DigiGeeks Connect live panel chat with @thehiitmum @formanpictureframing and @arloandco — three generous, open, inspiring women who opened up to us during an intimate Q&A at our sold out event.   We brought the most amazing group...

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The importance of keeping your entrepreneurial health in check.

Small business ownership is such a journey, filled with highs and lows, then highs [and more lows], but mostly [and thankfully!] finishing off with highs again.     Aaaaaaaaaaaand repeat.   As we rapidly approach our second birthday, we can’t help but reflect on the...

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Our top 5 tips for managing several social accounts.

Hi there! My name is Cherie, & I’ve been freelancing in social media management for a lo-ooo-ooong time now, whilst also [mostly] keeping my sanity in check, & so I thought to myself, … that’s a blog post, right there! I mean, how does one manage multiple social media...

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Curious about The Digital Picnic, and our social media workshops?

Well come on down, & e-meet the TDP crew via our free webinar!     We’ll be walking-the-walk, talking-the-talk, & practicing what we teach [pun intended].   Find out how we’ve built The Digital Picnic to a following of nearly 20k on our social channels, sold more than...

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Authenticity & the power of your brand

They say imitation is the highest form of flattery, but it can also be pretty irritating as a small business owner.   We're incredibly generous with our time and expertise when it comes to our workshops - particularly in the form of the ongoing support we offer via...

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TDP Graduate Series – Little Ginger

Name Nikki Eyes   Tell us more about yourself I have a background in Corporate Marketing, grew up in the Yarra Valley, am married with 2 Big Amazing (27, 26yrs - gave birth to almost teens or inherited however you like) and 2 little gorgeous (9, 5yrs) kids. Live in...

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TDP Graduate Series – Happy Ella After

Name Kate Korber   Tell us more about yourself My Name is Kate Korber. I'm the Mum to Ella & Hudson, and began a blog called Happy Ella After just after my daughter was born, three years ago. There, I share my experiences as a Mum...the mayhem, the milestones, the...

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TDP Graduate Series – Birdy Num Num

Name Kylie Wiffen   Tell us more about yourself Hi lovelies! nice to meet you. I'm Kylie, the designer/maker behind birdynumnumdesign. I design and create an ever changing range of mobiles+wall art pieces for our smallest (and most adorable) humans. I've also recently...

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