Custom Session Bookings

So, what’s in a TDP 1:1 custom session? Well, a lot actually!


A lot of people book into our x2 hour 1:1 custom marketing sessions and literally think it’s just those x2 hours, chatting, mapping everything out together within those x2 hours.


No, sir.



It’s 4+ hours of work beforehand, which begins with us sending you a form to fill out everything you’d like to achieve in our specialised session / your current challenges / your hopes and dreams for your social media future, and then we get to work so that you can get the most out of your 2 hour session.


And then?  Your custom session day rolls around, and it’s you / us / our offices / coffee [or tea if you prefer], and a 2 hour session where we dive deep, deep, deep [like seriously, roll up your sleeves!] into your social media marketing strategy deep, and by the time we’re done? You’re in disbelief that you’re about to walk away with a 50-60 page report that will genuinely see you through the next 12+ months.


Following your session? We make a few tweaks to your report [read: we’re usually value-adding, because #geeks and #MotherHens], and then we finalise your comprehensive post-session report, which will help you work through all of our strategic recommendations at your own pace [please note – these are e-mailed to you the day following your custom session].


From there? We’ll follow [stalk] you online [friendly stalking… cheerleading you [#goyou] and making sure there aren’t any other queries you need answered [nothing worse than getting home from a custom session and realising that “gah! I forgot to ask xyz question!”].


So my friends? Our custom sessions? Well… they’re more than just a 2 hour 1:1 session, it’s an investment in your business’ marketing strategy.


$999 incl GST.


Cheaper than a marketing consultant… and probably x10 less pages than a $2-3k full digital marketing strategy.



Please select from the below available custom sessions:

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