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Want to understand the realities of a career in Social Media Management to determine if this might be the job – or career move – for you?  Well….this really is a one-stop shop to get just that!  Written in an inspiring, yet practical tone – and by two women who not only look and sound the real deal but really are (!) – Cherie and Cat have created a thorough, pragmatic and practical guide to, and review of, working as a social media manager – I challenge you to find such a comprehensive set of insights about this career anywhere else!!

Nothing is missed – it will help you “consider all.the.things” as Cherie puts it in a tone throughout that makes you feel that you’re discussing the whole thing over a drink in her own living room – and it’ll empower you to decide to either go for it, or that you, your situation is not built for this role right now. Decide to go for it, and the book gives you immediately practical recommendations for tools to utilise and networks to connect to and even a guide to finding a job or starting your own freelance business should that be the direction you take!

Valuable? Yep!  And the book itself is just a starting point to on-going mentorship and support from the The Digital Picnic (TDP).  You’ll be connected to other TDP graduates and a growing industry network. It’s rare in this industry – well any – to come across professionals willing to support others in the space as fully and exhaustively as these women – as Mastercard would say – Priceless!

Christine Scott, ACT

Owner The Daily Special & Social Media Manager - Lifecycle Australia Charity Ride (voluntary)

I just smashed through your eBook and I am SO freaking excited right now!!!

It is awesome. Really awesome. Not only does it look beautiful and the conversational / humourous tone (still laughing about the duplo shitfight – we had one of those the other day) makes it so easy to read.

You have covered absolutely everything I personally wanted to know about starting up as a social media manager. Your generosity blows me away actually.

I love how you’ve described a typical day, the attributes & traits of a social media manager, and discussed some of the low points. You’re providing people with such a great insight into this type of career.

I was most interested in the where are the jobs at part, rates of pay and pitch and proposal development. Anyway, I don’t need to go on. It’s awesome. You know what the greatest part of all is though, it’s that you’re offering as a bonus to this book, a private group and mentorship. Having access to that sort of community and mentorship from pros like you is invaluable.

Renee Wilson - QLD

Mummy Wife & Me

The ebook is visually stunning and full of useful information, delivered in a way that you almost feel like you are sitting with a couple of friends having a cuppa and a chat. The added bonus is these friends are so full of knowledge, that your cuppa will get cold while you absorb all the information they have to share.

While aimed for those wanting to break into SM, the book is also a great reference guide for those already in SM.

This little SM world is on the rise and with the growing number of people wanting to break into SM, it’s going to get more competitive, those already in it can “check themselves” and maybe pick up some pointers while relating to some of the laugh out loud anecdotes.

“So You Want To Be A Social Media Manager” is the perfect preview for into getting into social media and a great warm up before attending any of the awesome Digital Picnic workshops. I bet you’ll be trying to schedule a date in your diary before you even get through the whole ebook. In fact you’d be silly not to, these girls know their shizz!!!

Belinda Docwra, VIC

Feelgood Australia

“WOW… This e-book was fantastic.  I couldn’t put it down and read it entirely in one sitting.

Catherine & Cherie have created tale of social media success mixed with so many great practical tips.  I’d been wondering if this was the career for me and this book made me think ABSOLUTELY!  Any questions you have about how to get your foot in the door, and then keep that door open are covered here.

Another invaluable benefit is that it doesn’t end once you’ve finished the book.  The private Facebook group will continue to be a constant source of support throughout your social media journey!

Melinda Jahoda, VIC

Thank the “Lords of the Internet” for The Digital Picnic!

Your eBook answered all the questions an aspiring social media manager like me has AND then some.

Not only did it help me define my role and client expectations, it sent me off into the online world with a tidy little tool kit to produce good work efficiently and to build my business.

THANK YOU for the advice on how to approach and communicate with prospective clients.

THANK YOU for outlining how a social media manager operates and for explaining what it is that you do!

THANK YOU for telling me that it is ok to set professional and personal boundaries in a land that never sleeps.

THANK YOU for providing ongoing support.


THANK YOU for making me feel like “I’ve got this”.

Claire Balart, VIC

Oh how I would have loved this book three years ago! It really is wonderful and covers everything I would have wanted to know when I started out.

Cat and Cherie have taken the fear out and injected the fun into starting out or making a career change to social media management.

Not only does it cover the tools you need to literally DO the job, but it covers the personality traits you’ll need to really excel at it.

Christina Chiodo, VIC

Social Media Manager, The Little Linen Company

If you are thinking of making social media a career, then this e-book gives you great insight into the reality that awaits.

It’s written in an easy to read, humorous, conversational tone which meant that in no time at all I had finished it!  After 15 years in various marketing and graphic design roles, I was starting to feel it was time for a change and felt social media management would be a great fit to my skill set and experience.

This e-book has confirmed for me that I am making the right decision to pursue this career choice further and has inspired me to really get out there and make it happen!

Megan Coleman, VIC

So you want to be a Social Media Manager?

BONUS  In addition to the eBook, you’ll be granted access to our private Facebook group where we can continue to support and guide you on your social media management journey.