So you want to be social media manager?


Our essential guide to working in Social Media Management

BONUS  In addition to the eBook, you’ll be granted access to our private Facebook group where we can continue to support and guide you on your social media management journey.

Why an eBook on Social Media Management?

As you might have guessed, we’re pretty passionate about social media and we LOVE to teach. We felt there was a need that wasn’t quite being met for many women who are striving for balance in their lives after having had children. Every week we receive multiple emails and private messages from women hoping to carve out a career in social media, a career that allows them a degree of flexibility in their working environment as well as hours per week.

This eBook is all about what social media management is, and what it isn’t.  What it pays, and what it doesn’t pay.  It’s a day in the life of.  It’s a description of the kind of personality you’ll likely need to have in order to be suited to social media management.  It’s all of the misconceptions squashed [wait, what? I thought it was just a couple of FB status updates, and then I’d get paid? ha!].  It’s all of the same questions we’ve ever been asked, finally answered.  In one place.


Considering a career change?

You might be keen to purchase this eBook because you’re considering a career in social media management.  Yes? Yes, we thought so.  That’s why we decided this book needed to be written, because of people like you.  People like you who’ve decided that social media management is indeed the career that you want to explore, and yet you feel like you don’t necessarily know how to get your foot in the door.

A problem? Sure.  The solution, within this eBook prospective social media guru, rest assured.    


Feeling like a bit of a fraud?

Perhaps you’ve managed to get that foot in the door, and you took that leap of faith, and you went for that job, and then you got the interview, and now? Well, now you’ve gone and got the job [wait – whaaaat?!] … but you feel like you sorta-kinda-maybe bluffed [it’s ok, you’re neither the first, nor the last] your way through the interview process, and now sh*t’s just gone and got real, because you’ve actually got to execute said social media.

A problem? Sure.  The solution, within this eBook prospective social media colleague, rest assured.

So you want to be social media manager?

What’s Inside…


We’d love to share with you all the things we’ve learnt over the years, through working in social media for clients large and small. This eBook covers all the essentials you need to know before taking the leap into this exciting new career;


  • How to get experience in social media
  • How to develop a pitch / proposal for a client you’re itching to work with
  • A day in the life of a social media manager [ie the realities of social media management!]
  • The ideal attributes and traits for a social media manager to possess. Personality is key in social media and it is definitely not for everyone!
  • A guide to expected rates of pay for social media mangement
  • Setting yourself up and getting paid, registering an ABN, company name, trademarking and insurances
  • Expectations of clients – Our recommended reporting format, client meetings and client communication guidelines
  • Transition phase – getting new clients, what you need to know and how to get started
  • Making life easier – scheduling tips, productivity apps we recommend
  • Where to look to secure social media jobs – how to commence networking and finding the perfect social media role for you

Dreaming of flexibility?

Do you dread what you’re doing at the moment? Is it a daily struggle to ‘go to work’ in an inflexible, unsatisfying job? Do you feel like you’re missing out on precious time with your family and loved ones?


What do you crave?

Do you dream of flexibility, creativity and autonomy?

We understand

We’ve both been there. In jobs that didn’t accommodate the needs of our families, in roles where we felt ‘stuck’ creatively…or just plain did not suit us.

So you want to be a Social Media Manager?

BONUS  In addition to the eBook, you’ll be granted access to our private Facebook group where we can continue to support and guide you on your social media management journey.

Thank the “Lords of the Internet” for The Digital Picnic!

Your eBook answered all the questions an aspiring social media manager like me has AND then some.

Not only did it help me define my role and client expectations, it sent me off into the online world with a tidy little tool kit to produce good work efficiently and to build my business.

THANK YOU for the advice on how to approach and communicate with prospective clients.

THANK YOU for outlining how a social media manager operates and for explaining what it is that you do!

THANK YOU for telling me that it is ok to set professional and personal boundaries in a land that never sleeps.

THANK YOU for providing ongoing support.


THANK YOU for making me feel like “I’ve got this”.

Claire Balart, VIC

The ebook is visually stunning and full of useful information, delivered in a way that you almost feel like you are sitting with a couple of friends having a cuppa and a chat. The added bonus is these friends are so full of knowledge, that your cuppa will get cold while you absorb all the information they have to share.

While aimed for those wanting to break into SM, the book is also a great reference guide for those already in SM.

This little SM world is on the rise and with the growing number of people wanting to break into SM, it’s going to get more competitive, those already in it can “check themselves” and maybe pick up some pointers while relating to some of the laugh out loud anecdotes.

“So You Want To Be A Social Media Manager” is the perfect preview for into getting into social media and a great warm up before attending any of the awesome Digital Picnic workshops. I bet you’ll be trying to schedule a date in your diary before you even get through the whole ebook. intact you’d be silly not to, these girls know their shizz!!!!

Belinda Docwra, VIC

Feelgood Australia

If you are thinking of making social media a career,then this e-book gives you great insight into the reality that awaits.

It’s written in an easy to read, humorous, conversational tone which meant that in no time at all I had finished it!  After 15 years in various marketing and graphic design roles, I was starting to feel it was time for a change and felt  social media management would be a great fit to my skill set and experience.

This e-book has confirmed for me that I am making the right decision to pursue this career choice further and has inspired me to really get out there and make it happen!

Megan Coleman, VIC

Don’t just take it from us, let the reviews do the talking!

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