Get Social Savvy

Intermediate Social Media Workshop
Get Social Savvy Intermedia Social Media workshop

You speak? We listen.


Since the very-very-VERY first ‘Get Social Savvy’ workshop we rolled out back in 2014, we’ve always sent out a post-workshop form asking everyone for their feedback on our workshops.  


Because, we’re big on feedback.  And we’re big on implementing feedback.  And we’re big on committing to constantly creating, & innovating.


But the thing is, … & at the huge risk of sounding all humblebrag’y-like, the feedback is always amazing.  


Perhaps it’s because our forms automatically get sent out 1 hour post-workshop, when you’re all still buzzing from what we’ve taught you mid-workshop? Or perhaps it’s just because we really do know our social media thangs?


Either way, the feedback that keeps coming through has all been; “could have listened to you longer”, “make the workshop longer”, “include some networking at the end”, “oh, and we’d love a big section on snapchat”.

So? You spoke, we listened, & we’ve changed our workshop schedule from a 4 hour workshop, to a 6 hour one.

Let us introduce you to our new Get Social Savvy[‘er] social media workshop!

Who are our workshops for?


Still with us, future TDP’er?


Have you been thinking about making some big changes to the way you roll out social media for your business, but haven’t known where to start, or wondering if this is the social media workshop for you?


Our TDP workshops have been designed to teach creative business owners / social-media-managers-in-the-making / marketing professionals some of the skills, marketing strategies and solutions to help our attendees feel confident about the content they’re publishing online to best market their business, & more importantly, … why!


Our workshops are best suited to intermediate users of social media for business, who have social channels established and a working knowledge of each.

Why should you book a social media picnic with TDP?


Because, we have the cutest darn studio in all o’ Footscray.


And, we serve you water in pineapple cups with straws.


And, we serve the finest baked goods from @lady.flamingo mid-workshop.


And, we are x2 award winning digital marketing geeks who are genuinely passionate about best practice social media & what it can do for your business.

So, come and join us if you’re in the mood for:


  • Completely transforming the way you do social media for business
  • Learning how to create content that attracts clicks, & conversion!
  • Learning how to grow your following, & build your online tribe
  • Navigating the social media algorithms to achieve engagement and reach
  • Losing your hate / hate relationship with Facebook.  Angry with Facebook? We call it ‘fangry’.  And yep. We think we can get you loving it again.
  • And most importantly? Feeling confident and armed with bucket loads of social media best practice information to help you go from strength to strength online.

Our workshop covers;


  • Social Media Channel Optimisation
  • Developing and refining your social media approach. Tips and tricks to promote engagement. Our focus will be on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter & Pinterest.
  • How to improve your visual aesthetic online [feat. tips + tricks we’ve picked up along the way that don’t require you to be a professional photographer, but will elevate help your visuals online]
  • Managing your social platforms [rather than them managing you!]
  • Content scheduling and managing your social media platforms to maximise your efficiency.
  • Analytics & Measurement
  • How to measure your social activity, draw insights and use these to update your strategy.


Plus, a bonus networking hour at the end with your workshop group for the day [and us, if you can still stomach us after 6 hours of workshop’ing, ha!].  Oh, there will also be bubbles, because bubbles!

Get Social Savvy Intermedia Social Media workshop

Our next Melbourne Get Social Savvy is on Tuesday 7 February 2017

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