In person workshops

Ours are the kind of digital marketing workshops where you take a seat within them, and we’ll remember you / exactly where you sat / your story / your introduction to the group / the various anecdotal stories you shared on the day / your wins / your challenges / et. al for the next 5+ years [let’s be real, it’ll be forever … we’re just conscious of lookin’ CREEPY, ha!].

Hullo, good soul!

You’re all over ‘ere, searchin’ for our in-person workshops.

We can assure you, we spent the large majority of 2020 searchin’ to fill the void that was our in-person workshops, too.

Alas, COVID + bats + social distancing + being decent human beings who genuinely care about every one of our TDP humans [that’s you, btw] means that we just can’t [currently] offer in-person workshops.

The way we run our workshops? Well, it’s bluddy intimate. It’s all of us grouping together > huddling in > picking apart your social strategy and redesigning it [and yes, Cherie’s a prolific hugger, hand-holder and also someone who likes to sit right next to you while you redesign your content strategy / influencer marketing strategy / paid ads strategy / all the strategies, really].

As a result? An in-person TDP workshop and social distancing will never work, and because we respect the absolute seriousness of this [bluddy!] virus… we won’t be in-person’ing again until it’s safe to do so [we’re thinking when vaccines fully roll out etc].

Want something that has the same energy of an in-person workshop and is also an entire day unpacking your current strategy and putting it back together again, but significantly more strategic? You’ll want our live workshop hosted by our Founder, Cherie. It’s our one-day strategy deep dive, and it’s absolutely been our [and everyone who has attended] COVID silver lining.

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