Influencer Outreach

We know.


We know.


You’ve got this incredible product, & you’ve worked so stinkin’ hard on creating it [some of you have even created that product with your bare hands – #wellDONE]. Or perhaps you’ve flown overseas / searched the ends of the globe to source your incredible product [again, #wellDONE].  Then you’ve gone and got it ready for sale, & hey, perhaps your socials are doing all of the right things, … but you *just* need more people to come to the party.


Wait, which party? Well, it’s the one where everyone discovers your product for the first time, via their favourite social media influencer.  And [yay dot com!] that social media influencer has a decent social media following and – more importantly – a beautifully engaged audience.


We get it.




And actually? That’s where we come in!  Y’see, it’s our humble opinion that some of the very best social media managers include Influencer Outreach as part of their services, & well, … we’ve been managing social media for an incredibly long time and so we have therefore been incorporating Influencer Outreach services into strong digital marketing strategies for a very long time.


Yesiree, we speak fluent #influencAH, & we’ve worked extensively with some incredible brands getting their products out there [sometimes for the very first time!].


Want to learn more about our Influencer Outreach services? Need to know more about our prices [don’t be scared, they’re really affordable!]? Feel like it might be a worthwhile 3 month investment to gain the necessary exposure?


Contact us here for more info.

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