Ready to be a Very Important Picnic’er?

In 2020? … we want altruism to win.


We want you to feel like we’re accessible to all, not just from an availability perspective … but for us to financially accessible to you + geographically accessible, too.


And so, we’re introducing our VIP social media membership program, or as we prefer to refer to it as;





It will be a *small* intake [really small], because the customisation will be felt once you join, and it’ll be a 12 month commitment on your end [paid upfront at $599.40, and available with an interest-free payment plan, because #smallbusinessempathy].


It’s training [on x12 different digital marketing topics throughout your VIP year with us], it’s upskilling, it’s mentoring, it’s setting out tasks for you to complete [and be ACCOUNTABLE to], it’s live coaching calls in a private FB group, it’s bringing in specialists on particular topics on a quarterly basis for niche upskilling, and it’s – most importantly – a real sense of COMMUNITY.


P.S it goes without saying that our community is cracking GOOD.

So, what’s involved? And more importantly, what do you receive?

  • You’ll receive access to an intimate private FB group with TDP’s Cherie, and our cleverest-clog strategy team [including our paid ads specialists, who are a *wealth* of paid ads knowledge – and prowess].
  • There will be a monthly coaching call on x12 different *incredible* topics perfectly mapped out to your social media marketing year [including topics trademarked to our workshops that – quite literally – give away our social media magic, and we’re #hereforit].
  • There will be quarterly livestreams with x4 different digital marketing specialists, who are experts within their own special digital marketing niche [and are firm friends of ours!].  And because we’re all about #payforprogress? These specialists will be paid for their time, so they won’t be in there to spruik / onsell to you, … they’ll simply be paid [generously] for their time, so that their focus is value-adding to you
  • You’ll receive a monthly e-mail with mental load reduction prompts to increase your SM success, including an accountability checklist … because we plan to basically be your personal trainer [in social media marketing land, anyway]. #dropandgiveme20.
  • All questions answered within the group [within reason of course, ha! If you’re the FB group’er who asks 50+ questions per day? We’ll probably pick one to answer, because #boundaries] 😉

And guys? It’s $599.40, i.e the cost of a one day workshop … for a 12 month social media membership with the

One coffee per week? Dropped.

One Gormie dress? No longer in your wardrobe.

The equivalent of one hour with a specialist in any field? … and you instead get 12 months [and multiple hours with us].


And [we hope], the opportunity to connect on a deeper level with your fellow VIP’ers, because you know we’re all about “villages raising business babies”, and collaboration, and connection, and the sharing of various wins and fails, etc. etc.


So are you in?


We’d love to see you there!

Ready to become a VIP'er?

Great then! We’re ready to welcome you with warm and loving arms.

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