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Grab a copy of our “About Me” book, pronto!

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I'm TDP's CEO, Cherie...

…and I’m no oracle [lemme tell you]… but I’m also the proud owner of an Autistic brain that has pretty great pattern recognition skills – particularly when it comes to people.

And I’m just-so-sure 30-40% of the world’s bluddy problems could be solved if we all collectively committed to better understanding one another [and even radically understanding one another].

Let’s pull it back from solving world stuff, and get back to something much more humble: the workplace [and the employee/s who feel misunderstood within workplaces].

Cherie Clonan TDP's CEO

In my 10th year of running a company and employing human beings, the thing I’ve learnt through all of that is that in order for all o’ that to work? You need to help your team radically understand themselves [in order for them to be able to radically advocate for themselves], and you then need to come together as a team to radically understand each other.

So at TDP we introduced an “about me” book aka a “get to know each team member” book in order to foster a much deeper connection with our team > paired back with a deep desire for each individual here to feel significantly less misunderstood at work.

And now we’re making this book available to y’all for FREE. Enjoy, folks!

I did this exactly, and this here little [impactful] book actually played big role in bringing us all together, safely. We filled our “about me” books in > we understood ourselves better > we safely articulated those insights to one another on an Innovation Day at TDP HQs and we all agreed, “sheesh, more people should do this … this was REALLY GOOD”. And so that’s what we’re doing right here > right now, i.e making this book available to y’all. FOR FREE.  Enjoy, folks.

Grab a copy of our “About Me” book, pronto!

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