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Want our FREE spreadsheet that helps you work out if you can afford to outsource your paid ads [or not]?


… we, uh, made somethin’ for ya.

It’s so bluddy good.
And valuable.
And we could charge you for it.
But we don’t wanna.

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 So, what is it?  🤔

It’s THE spreadsheet we use to work out if prospective eComm clients who are interested in our paid ads services are even a) ready to outsource, and b) can afford to [or not].

We’ve prepped it completely for you, and prepped the formulas, ALL YOU NEED TO DO is throw in your numbers [easy-pease].

You’ll need;

Your current conversion rate

Your profit margin

Your monthly web visitors

Your AOV

And the average profit per order

[really important piece, that]

Your revenue

And your profit

… we’ve even EXPLAINED each piece on the right hand column of this spready, and even if you have ZILCH plans to outsource?

These numbers are going to empower y’all to DO BETTER > increase what needs to be increased [usually web traffic + AOVs] > decrease what needs to be decreased [unnecessary spend].

So, what’re you going to use it for? Honestly? We use it to see if a client is ready [or not] to outsource their paid ads, i.e is our management fee plus the paid ads spend going to crumble their business in its current state?

If it’s a yes?

We’ll say, “hey, let’s upskill you first > get you scaling your own ads effectively > THEN you can outsource to us [or someone else]”.

If the numbers come out with EASE? We know they’re absolutely beyond being ready to outsource … which means we just get to scale them comfortably [but still not easily: paid ads  are hard, y’all!].

What else can you use this spreadsheet for? Well, it’s not just about paid ads readiness. Actually, this’ll SERIOUSLY SHOW you where your cracks are [especially via that right-hand column].

Think of it as an accountability buddy, yea?

The Digital Picnic

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