Welcome to TDP’s year long digital upskilling experience

All the benefits of a full-scale marketing agency via a year-long membership at your fingertips [without having to hire a full-scale agency].

Picnicer an illustration of a member of TDPs bespoke year long digital marketing program

Don’t hire the $50-60,000AUD per annum Marketing Assistant this year before your business is even ready for that hire, and instead spend twelve months with us [and just $1200AUD] via our flagship yearly membership program that promises to teach you evergreen strategies that’ll help you grow sustainably.


The result? You achieve your short-term and long-term goals.

Too many of you need our management services, but can’t afford our monthly management services [we get it, you’re not ready], and so you either try to pull it all off yourselves [and barely post content, let alone work to a strategy]


… or you find the bargain-basement-freelancer, and, well, we all know how that ends.

As in, you’d have likely been better off with the aforementioned “barely posting content yourself, let alone to a strategy” [yep, we said it!].

Management services aren’t cheap, and nor should they be, you simply have to pay premium prices for premium services … but if you can’t afford that, then the very best thing you can do is to upskill yourself in order to do it yourself > scale > until you ultimately reach the point where you don’t even bat an eyelid over that one-day outsource.

This is why we’ll always offer a year long membership here in TDP-land, because we want you to be able to access our knowledge and be armed with the tools to grow > at a price you can afford.

Welcome to TDP’s year long digital upskilling experience, Picnic’ers In Your Pocket.

It’s exactly as the name suggests, i.e a membership that feels as if you have a full-scale marketing agency > in your pocket > via monthly coaching calls designed to upskill you on specialist topics > with additional time at the end of each upskilling experience spent on Q&A so that everything feels customised to you.

Our approach? We’d call it “Mother Hen” > meets Mrs. Doubtfire > all finished off with radical honesty and authenticity where your feelings will sometimes be hurt, in order for your strategy to grow [and grow well].

But it’s all wrapped up in love.  We promise.

So your two big challenges are this: you can’t afford to outsource [yet], and you also don’t have an abundance of time to implement a social and digital strategy to agency standard.

We get it.  You’re the majority of the 20,000+ students we’ve taught [until we’ve taught them the right strategies to scale, and to scale well].  

Enter our flagship program with its promise of monthly upskilling on the very best social media and digital marketing topics to advance you, coaching to help you exhale and grow, all paired back with regular check-ins to keep you accountable to actual implementation of what you’re learning

The end result? You grow.  It’s unavoidable. 

We’ve seen it too many times.  Consistently show up with better content and BTS digital strategies being implemented to facilitate scale and growth … and you do exactly that: grow.

Are you currently

  • Working to no real strategy, and know – deep down – it’s why the results aren’t there
  • Ad hoc’ing it, and feeling the stress increasing
  • Under the impression that your content is “failing” if it doesn’t get xyz ‘likes’ per post etc.
  • Fleeting from platform to platform, but mastering none well
  • “Having a go” at paid advertising, but absolutely not getting the results

Do you want to be

  • Craving to create transformational – not transactional – impacts with your overall strategy
  • Looking for an evergreen solution that works
  • Starting to figure out that it has to go significantly beyond the ‘likes’
  • Reaching the point where you need to master 1-2 platforms well so that you can scale to other platforms if you identify the need to do so
  • Craving the kinda paid ads confidence to help you seriously scale your business

What if we told you that we’ve developed an approach to teaching social media and digital marketing strategies to 20,000+ students that have helped them master their impact online so that they’re so clear on where they’re meant to be showing up, and how, and why, and the best bit? … they can see it all working in real time.

We reckon you deserve a seat at this table, too.

Introducing TDP’s flagship Picnic’ers In Your Pocket program

A 12 month live coaching and upskilling program that promises to keep you accountable to what you need to put in place in order to grow online [and offline].

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Monthly upskilling on the topics you’ll need to master
  • Being taught in a way that’s unique to TDP [we’re incredible]
  • Multiple opportunities for Q&A within a tight group
  • That same group becoming your very best business buddies
  • TDP feeling like a virtual extension of your “team”
  • Honest feedback from us to help you grow
  • A feeling of accountability you almost can’t put a dollar value on

I loved learning strategy with TDP so much.

All of it has given me the confidence to approach my marketing in a much more systematic and effective way.  You’ve also made me realise that I’ve been watching really great content happen right in front of me [potential posts, stories or reels] that I haven’t subsequently turned into content.  I also really wanted to thank you for being so warm and friendly, as well as wildly generous with your knowledge.  It makes the process of learning feel fun rather than daunting.

– Daniela S, Naarm/Melbourne

star eyes

So, what do we cover off on in the year?

So, what do we cover off on in the year?

  1. How to design your organic content for paid ads success
  2. Your content marketing strategy
  3. How to measure your results via social media and GA4
  4. Conversion rate optimisation
  5. Meta advertising
  6. TikTok advertising
  7. Pinterest advertising
  8. Google advertising
  9. Email marketing
  10. Your revenue growth formula
  11. Analysing your traffic via advanced methodologies
  12. How to make automation your new bestie [and marketing assistant]

How to design your organic content for paid ads success


Your content marketing strategy


How to measure your results via social media and GA4


Conversion rate optimisation


Meta advertising


TikTok advertising


Pinterest advertising


Google advertising


Email marketing


Your revenue growth formula


Analysing your traffic via advanced methodologies


How to make automation your new bestie [and marketing assistant]

five stars

I’ve been humbled!

A seasoned marketing professional, and there was so much I didn’t know that I didn’t know

– Xuan

five stars

Ok, I was doing this wrong!

You’ve made me realise I was working too hard on the stuff that didn’t move the needle

– Estelle

five stars

Overwhelm? Gone!

The generosity of your sharing has had a transformative effect on our new and improved strategy

– Samir

five stars

Cherie’s a strategy Queen!

Within the first module, I was rendered speechless and completely in awe.  She is the real deal

– Bronwyn

five stars

Better than expected!

I had high expectations for this program due to TDP’s reputation, but this program far surpassed all of them

– Parvati

five stars

None of the BS wishy-washy stuff!

TDP nail teaching practically and you can implement so easily. No time wasted on this program

– Marcus

five stars

The best investment I’ve made!

I put my whole team through this program, and we speak the same language now. Our strategy is thanking us

– Njinga

five stars

Worth twice what TDP charge!

I keep returning to the program in my dashboard. Every time I implement something new my strategy’s positively impacted 

– Hannah

five stars

Can’t thank you enough!

I’ve done so many social media courses, this is the ONLY ONE that I truly understood

– Mei

Important details

  • Our year-long program is priced at $1200AUD [incl. GST]
  • You’ll receive emails with your receipt, a welcome to the program message from Cherie + your calendar invites for each session upon purchase
  • Don’t miss your important emails check your promotions tab. You will receive regular reminder emails throughout the program. Add hello@thedigitalpicnic.com.au to your contact list, please! 

Payment options:

Payment options: Mastercard, VISA, Paypal, Afterpay, Apple pay, Google pay

Bookings are non-refundable. Full terms and conditions can be viewed here.

Pay in instalments via afterpay or paypal pay in 4

If you’d like to request payment via invoice or an alternate payment plan in 3x or 6x monthly instalments tap here

Any extra questions? Tap the chat widget and send a message to the team. 💬

 Sessions are live and held monthly on the first Friday of the month

Session Dates: 

  • Friday 1st March 2024
  • Friday 5th April 2024
  • Friday 3rd May 2024
  • Friday 7th June 2024
  • Friday 5th July 2024
  • Friday 2nd August 2024
  • Friday 6th September 2024
  • Friday 4th October 2024
  • Friday 1st November 2024
  • Friday 6th December 2024
  • Friday 7th February 2025
  • Friday 7th March 2025

All sessions run from:
10:30am – 12:00pm [Melbourne time]
They are 1.5 hours. 1hr upskilling. 30 mins Q&A

All sessions are conducted via Zoom. If you can’t make a live session, it’s ok all sessions will be recorded and placed in your student dashboard for 12 months after the program ends

We reserve the right to reschedule any session and will give you as much notice as possible

🌟 Let's make it official! 🌟

Picnic’ers in Your Pocket 2024

$1,200.00 incl. GST

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