Melbourne Workshops


Hi there,

You’ve reached the place where *incredible* in-person workshops used to run on the reg.  

We’re biased, but damn they were good.  The feedback was insane.  We were going from strength to strength.  We’d been in-person workshop’ing for 5.5 years straight, and all o’ the businesses were catching on and they just knew that TDP was where it was at when it came to digital marketing upskilling.

They’ll be back, don’t you worry, but in the meantime? … we’re doing the responsible thing [and the safe thing], and we’re flattening that curve.  We’re keeping you safe, and us safe, and Victoria safe, and Australia safe [I guess].

We’ve got the rest of our TDP lifetime to get back to in-person workshop’n with you, and believe-you-me when that day comes? We’ll go from #notbeinghuggers to hugging the living bejeebus outta all o’ you [ha!], but until then? … you should probably do like the rest of our community has done and hop on to our incredible eLearning options [starting from just $49].

See you in the virtual classroom [civic duty, right?].

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