4 weeks of social content creation

$899.00 incl. GST

4 weeks of social media captions / copy written for daily posts on Facebook + Instagram [56 posts total]. Images not included and must be supplied by the client.


Delivery of your order will be approx. 2-3 weeks.


Ok, so this is what we get asked for all.the.time.


You’re pretty good at sourcing content, knowing when to schedule it in, … but then you sit on one caption for an entire hour, just generally *over*-thinking what to write.


You’re wasting your valuable time, beloved little business owner.


Enter TDP.  Give us your content, pop it into your FB / IG scheduler, … and we’ll research your business thoroughly / get our head around what voice would best suit your captions / proceed to whip up all of your social media captions for you.


We’ve got this little knack for words, and we want to gift that magic to the world.


Sometimes? You’re just in a copy rut, because you’ve been writing all of your social media captions for your business for x3 years consecutively.  Or perhaps, you just don’t have that natural flair for words?


That’s ok, this little investment will give you a one-week breather from the social media captions #presshuhhhh, and perhaps you just need a social media manager to write one week of captions for you, so that you can be re-inspired by some of the captions we develop for you.


This package? Best suited to the loss of mojo’ers / copywriting rut’ers / folk who are not naturally suited to words.


That’s our thing, … leave it to us! ?

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