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So you’ve been hearing about Facebook Business Manager… but you’re not entirely sure

1. What it is…

2. Why you would want it…  and the all important

3. If it’s worth your time to set it all up… 


Good news! We’ve got answers for you! #yourewelcome 


We’ve got your complete guide to helping you decide whether Business Manager is the right solution for you and then if so, how to set it all up to get the most bang for your buck… even though it’s actually free? #bonus! 


Such a sophisticated tool can sometimes be a little hard to wrangle and while we can’t physically hold your hand as you feel like pulling out your hair trying to figure out permissions and why your ‘add to cart’ event is not tracking on your pixel, we definitely can show you how to work around these issues and get your breathing back to normal! #inhaleexhale


In this module you’ll learn:


  • To understand Business Manager – what it is, what it does and why it could help you organise your business on socials. 
  • How to set up and manage your pixel – because you know the pixel is an integral part of successful social media advertising but setting it up, on the other hand, can be kind of a mystery.
  • To manage your product catalogue – to make sure you’re taking advantage of social selling and the powers of dynamic advertising. 
  • To use some of the other assets – because Business Manager is kind of amazing and there are so many ways you can be using it to your advantage. 
  • To report with prowess – especially great if you’re interested in learning how your social activities are working. 
  • To get your creativity flowing in the creative hub – because everyone needs a little inspo every now and again. 
  • Some troubleshooting – because from our experience, even when you’re a Business Manager native, things don’t always seem to work to plan always. 


Time to take the plunge and finally find out what this Business Manager thing is all about we think!



Total course length: 0:46m delivered via x1 video


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