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Due to popular demand this class in now available to purchase on-demand as a replay. You’ll get access to every little morsel of goodness from the live session, without the live chat functionality. However? Our DMs are always open!


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You know when anything new drops, and you feel like you’ve BARELY had any time to get your head around it … and then you blink for a second, and BANG, there’s an “expert” pitching a masterclass on that thing that you’ve spent x11 seconds wrapping your head around.

I used to judge that sh*t, and now I’ve come to realise [through my own lived experiences as an Autistic woman who has built an entire – successful – business around my Autistic special interest/s] that a huge chunk of those “experts” are just neurodivergent folk who hyperfocused/fixated on that brand new thing because they were so-freakin’-interested in it [for a variety of different reasons].

This is me.

With ChatGPT.

Since November, 2022.

Welcome to my Autistic SpIn [special interest].

And … enjoy your stay [lol].

Now I’ll be honest with you, I downplayed this AI hyperfixation of mine. I downplay a lot of my Autistic strengths, because – to me – they just feel so normalised and bare minimum’y. Hyperfocus’ing on ChatGPT every weekend [and any evening after work I’ve had available] since November 2022 just felt like … well, wouldn’t ANYONE be doing this when it’s going to completely transform our industry [and countless others].

And then my team were like, “we wanna learn ChatGPT” and I was like, “I’ll get us a consultant because I’m still in a “learning phase” with it” [lol. I haven’t seen my husband and kids since Nov ‘22. But sure. Let’s call it a “learning phase” 🤣] … and then we got the quotes from consultants and I went through the deliverables and I was like, “ok, I actually know all of this”.

Validation? Achieved.

Time for me to come out of my ChatGPT cave and teach you all everything I’ve taught myself about this since November last year? … absolutely.

Because y’see most folx I speak to are trying to implement ChatGPT across their marketing efforts without even a bare minimum/baseline knowledge in place first in order for them to genuinely drive any real value from it.

Enter TDP, and a 3 hour Masterclass on everything relating to ChatGPT.  This masterclass will cover;

🤖 ChatGPT Fundamentals – let’s explore what ChatGPT is [and isn’t], and go through how it’s all impacting marketing

🤖 Then? Let’s master those ChatGPT prompts [because ChatGPT isn’t going to “steal your job”, but the human being who’s learnt ChatGPT prompt mastery might, ha!].  In this part of the masterclass you’ll discover the true art of a ChatGPT prompt, and you’ll especially learn how to optimise outcomes for more powerful results

🤖 From there? We’ll teach you how to get strategic with ChatGPT.  As in, we’ll literally show you how we use this tool to flesh out a social and digital strategy from better understanding an audience you’re marketing to > to recognising associated pain points and pleasure points for your demographic > to designing content for them > to crafting paid ads campaigns that truly speak to who you’re marketing to.  

[heck, we’ll even get “hashtag superficial” on you, and show you how to build hashtag sets for your brand via ChatGPT]

You’ll walk away knowing how to use ChatGPT to;

🤖 Get strategic with your marketing via ChatGPT

🤖 Improve your content creation efforts [incl. Live walk-through’s and “play time”]

🤖 Improve your approach to paid ads marketing [incl. Live walk-through’s and “play time”]

🤖 Incorporate ChatGPT into your email marketing processes [incl. Live walk-through’s and “play time”]

🤖 Integrate what you’ve learnt, and execute on it

When we’re done with you, you’ll be able to launch all o’ the above faster, smarter and more efficiently than you ever have before … thanks to this revolutionary new tool, which – again – isn’t about to steal anyone’s jobs, but is instead going to make them significantly better within their roles.


This replay will be available in your student dashboard for up to 12 months from the date of purchase.