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Total course length: 8 weeks + x8 1hr livestreams [optional]


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Mind if we take a moment to brag? … we’ve now trained more than 10,000 business owners since this business began in October, 2014.  


And guess what happens when you train 10k+ people in various aspects of social media and digital marketing? You realise they have one [weak] point in common, and it’s almost always content marketing.


Now we can’t relate, because it’s the thing we love the very most [like, please, bugger the Xero reconciliations off ploise … and just let us write all o’ the content forevermore, yea?].  We digress.  So whilst we can’t relate, we can empathise because content marketing can feel hard > relentless > sometimes tiring > rut-inducing, and we’ve seen it bring so many of those 10k+ business owners that we’ve trained to their knees.


Because, blardy-bluddy-bloody content. #lol


Enter our x8 week Content Marketing Bootcamp, because content is a lot of work … but it doesn’t need to feel like a lot of work.



In our x8 week program you will;



🧞‍♀️ Join in on weekly live mentored calls [held virtually during business hours]


🧞‍♀️ Walk through the fundamentals of building [or rebuilding] your content strategy from scratch


🧞‍♀️ Be guided on the best place to focus your efforts, lead by Cherie [10+ years specialising in content]


🧞‍♀️ Tame the fear of the social media caption [yes, you’ll be writing them.  So many of them.  S’ok tho, we’ll write some with you … for you]


🧞‍♀️ Learn how to create more high-impact content, and learn what cuts through the noise for your business [and more importantly: what genuinely moves the needle for your business]


🧞‍♀️ Develop content marketing processes [and good habits], utilising our very own processes we use not just for TDP … but our clients too.


🧞‍♀️ Populating entire content marketing decks for the social platforms you’re focusing on, so that you leave with content developed > written > scheduled in advance, because content rut be gone, but also? Paralysis by [over] analysis be gone too, thanks.


🧞‍♀️ And then we’ll finish off with reporting on your success, and workshop’ing through that together



What to expect throughout this process?



🧞‍♀️ Please expect [solutions-focused] constructive feedback on where you’re at currently [yep.  We give feedback straight up round’ these parts, but always with a solution tapped onto that feedback. #promise].


🧞‍♀️ Expect to feel Mother Hen’d by us, but we’ll also feel like a personal trainer throughout the x8 week program.  It’ll be a little like, “drop and give us twenty, but also … here.  Come in for a Mother Hen hug, yea?”


🧞‍♀️ Expect to realise there’s so much you’re likely nailing already, but you just missed x, y and z to make that real impact, in ways that only those specialise in content know how to do [because know better, do better].



You’ll receive;



🧞‍♀️ Eight online masterclasses specific to content marketing [delivered at the beginning of the week]


🧞‍♀️ Eight weekly live coaching calls [hosted at the end of the week to give you time to have taken in the masterclass]


🧞‍♀️ All the templates and printables you’ll need, because if we’ve learnt anything from having trained 10,000+ business owners? .. it’s that y’all learn in really different ways, and we are here for that kinda learning diversity




Price: $1,500

Kick off date: 1st March, 2021

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March 2021

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