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Total course length: 2:03 delivered over x12 video modules


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So, you’ve executed a Facebook ad, or two, or multiple ads, … but you’re looking to [significantly] scale up, and you want to go from throwing money at Ads Manager and *basically* hoping for the best, to shifting all of your campaigns into a whole new gear.

Or maybe you’ve already completed our Facebook Ads Online Intensive, and now you’re looking to sink your teeth into advanced social media advertising geekery? Or maybe you skipped our FB Ads Intensive because you were ‘like, yep, great, thanks guys, … all over that’ and you just want to really amplify it all.


Or if you’re just feeling frustrated with your baseline knowledge of how to actually get an ad out onto the www … but when they’re out there? they just don’t get the kind of conversions you’re after, so you need some [virtual] time with our resident FB Ads specialist – the one with a proven track record of killer ads campaigns for multiple clients, and – let’s be honest – a really competitive streak [pretty much an essential of any Facebook Ads marketer, let’s be honest, ha!].


Enter our Advanced Facebook Ads Online Intensive, in all its shiny [seriously geeky] glory, where you’ll learn what’s working. Like, right now. Not last month, or worse, last year, … but right now.

Nope.  We won’t be guiding you through any unethical strategies to get cheap likes and clicks from folks who never end up converting with you, but instead? We’ll be inviting you into our social media ads genius, and sharing little [big] hacks that can only really come from years of experience, and [confession] whole-day-long chats / shooting the breeze about Facebook marketing success stories with other DigiGeeks we’ve worked with whilst we’ve been perfecting our craft.


What we’ll be covering:


  • We’ll kick off with the strategy side of things
  • Then we’ll cover off on objectives
  • Then it’s on to Business Manager features
  • Following on we’ll talk ad performance
  • Then we’ll talk audience strategies
  • Importantly, we’ll cover automated rules
  • And then we’ll cover off on getting your creative #onpoint
  • From there, we’ll cover choosing CTAS
  • Then we’ll discuss reporting on your Ads
  • Time for maximising your pixel
  • To finish, you’ve got some homework!


* Important n.b – to get the most from this session please ensure that you have your Facebook Pixel installed on your website. If you have a product-based business and ecommerce store, you may wish to activate your product feed prior to commencing the online course.  Access to suitable imagery and a clear idea for at least one campaign is desirable.


Total course length: 2:03 delivered over x12 video modules


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