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Facebook Ads Campaign Set up

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Or $69.80 today and more time to pay with

The complete set-up of one Facebook Advertising Campaign, and TDP’s strategic guidance to meet your Facebook Advertising goals, without the commitment to ongoing FB Ads management.
Once purchased, keep an eye out for your order confirmation email which contains a link to a super short questionnaire which will allow us to get started on setting up your ads ASAP!


Delivery of your order will be approx. 2-3 weeks.


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Wouldn’t it be great if that campaign you’ve been dreaming of setting up [and putting off and putting off again because you’re just too darn busy] would go and miraculously set itself up!?


Well, that’s exactly what we’re offering right here hun!


We know how precious a business owner’s time is so let us lighten your load a little bit by devising and setting up a strategically sound campaign to help you succeed!


What we’ll need from you is access to your ads account, some of your finest assets to work with, your campaign messaging and your biggest business goal right now.


From there we’ll work our magic and come back to you with a strategy with 2-3 ad sets and 2 different creatives. Once you’re suitably impressed and raring to go we’ll get that campaign and set up and running for you! #youreoff


Sound like exactly what you need right now? Well, we thought that might just be the case!


Now we know some may be wondering how this differs from our classic ads management service offering so we thought we’d also break it down in full [coz, we are a helpful bunch!].


What it is:
– Set up of a single campaign [or you can purchase as many as you like really!] – TDP’s strategic guidance to help you reach your goals through Facebook advertising
– A super-affordable way to get some ads up and running


What it’s not:
– Full ads management. Once the ads are live, it’s over to you. We’ll give you some advice to help you along the way but we know #yougotdis
– Ongoing support – sadly if you’d like to hang out with us all the time you’d need to become a client [which you’re also welcome to do after your first campaign set up!].
– Guaranteed success – what we can promise is that we will bring many many years of experience to this campaign but unfortunately we can’t guarantee exact results


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