Facebook Ads training bundle

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This a self-paced online learning course. Please view the description below for further information.


Total course length: 4 hours over x13 modules


Purchase includes access rights for x1 person only, please purchase individually for team use





Facebook Ads training bundle


Hardest part about Facebook ads training? … it’s not learning how to do them [heck.  You could even likely learn via YouTube.  Granted, it’d take 6-12 months, but you could do it if you really wanted to].


No folks, it’s not the learning how to do the ads.  It’s actually doing them.  It’s the fear you feel in the pit of your stomach when you load your very first ad, and pray to all o’ the Gods that it doesn’t burn through your budget, whilst you Impostor away not really knowing why.


And it’s that [bluddy] lonely feeling you feel when those first campaigns go live and you’re all like, “did I do this right? How do I optimise them to perform better once they’re live? Should I tweak now, or later … or not at all? Is this a normal result for this point in time in the campaign? And when do I turn these off?”.


And your impatience has you wanting to go from expert level 0 to paid ads BAWS [read: boss] once you graduate from that one-day paid ads training you did at xyz establishment.  And to that we say, be kind to yourself … and fair to yourself, i.e the person who heads up our entire paid ads department? 8+ years experience within paid ads alone.


Repeat after me: “we don’t walk out of 7 hour workshops a paid ads expert”.  No sir, you need up-skilling plus mentoring … paired back with newfound confidence to execute multiple paid ads campaigns you can learn from on an ongoing basis.


So we’ve bundled up a program for you that’ll teach you paid ads in a way we were craving to be taught when we were back in those relevant tertiary qualifications within marketing … and waiting to be shown the practical elements of paid ads how-to [spoiler alert? That day never came, ha!].


What we wanted back then? … well, it’s what we’ve bundled here for you now, i.e;


🤓 Theoretical foundations that start you off at beginner-intermediate, and finish off at a seriously advanced level


🤓 Practical videos that you can watch > pause > do the paid ads do at the same time as watching that video


🤓 Those same videos that you can come back to every time you put your early days campaigns together


🤓 Those same videos available as lifetime access, because lawd knows you’ll wanna come back to them eleventy billion times in your early days paid ads career[s]


🤓 And then finally? Invite you into a private FB group where you’ll have lifetime access to us / an ability to ask paid ads strategy questions [#sayonara #IMPOSTORSYNDROME]






In this Facebook ads training bundle, you’ll first go through our intermediate walk-through, which covers off on;





🤓 Facebook Ads Strategy and how to design your campaigns for maximum impact

🤓 Understanding the Facebook pixel

🤓 Designing a simple ads funnel

🤓 Understanding advertising objectives and ways to advertise on Facebook

🤓 Navigating the Facebook Ads Dashboard

🤓 Audience targeting + retargeting options

🤓 Creating audiences to target your ideal customer

🤓 Understanding the Facebook ad campaign structure

🤓 Ad Creative formats

🤓 How to create ad campaign, from strategy through to completion [practical session]

🤓 Ad testing and optimisation options

🤓 Reporting – how to interpret your results and analytics

🤓 Ad Management options – Power Editor / Ads Manager + Business Manager




Then, you’ll hit advanced level [a.k.a Jumanji level 100], which covers off on;




🤓 Then we’ll cover off on objectives

🤓 Then it’s on to Business Manager features

🤓 Following on we’ll talk ad performance

🤓 Then we’ll talk audience strategies

🤓 Importantly, we’ll cover automated rules

🤓 And then we’ll cover off on getting your creative #onpoint

🤓 From there, we’ll cover choosing CTAS

🤓 Then we’ll discuss reporting on your Ads

🤓 Time for maximising your pixel

🤓 To finish, you’ve got some homework!




* Important n.b – to get the most from these modules please ensure that you have your Facebook Pixel installed on your website. If you have a product-based business and ecommerce store, you may wish to activate your product feed prior to commencing the online course.  Access to suitable imagery and a clear idea for at least one campaign is desirable.






So, go beyond your baseline knowledge of how to actually get an ad out with some seriously in-depth video training




You’ll learn what’s working. Like, right now. Not last month, or worse, last year [thanks YouTube] … but right now.






We won’t be guiding you through any unethical strategies in our paid ads bundle to get cheap likes and clicks from folks who never end up converting with you, but instead? We’ll be inviting you into our social media ads genius, and sharing little [big, actually] hacks that can only really come from the years of experience we have doing the daily do to perfect our craft, and confession time? Whole-day-long chats / shootin’ the breeze about paid ads success stories with our team whilst we continue to go from strength to strength in a space that’s long felt like “home” to us.



We want you to feel like you’re home with paid ads, too.






Course length: 4 hours over x13 modules




This Facebook ads bundle is best suited to;


🤓 Business owners who have been feeling like they’re nailing that organic content, and are now ready to dip their paid ads toes into social media advertising for their business [but aren’t yet ready to outsource their paid ads to an agency retainer].


🤓 Business owners who are ready to outsource their paid ads to an external specialist … but want to make sure they know enough to hold that specialist accountable [believe-you-me, there’s a lotta cowboys out there … and we wanna teach you how to hold them accountable!]


🤓 Marketing professionals who spent their entire degree waiting to get to the practical stuff, then graduated realising, “sh*t.  I’m going to have to learn this all on-the-job” … and you’ve kinda felt like you’ve been fluffing along ever since [s’ok.  No judgement here.  That Bachelor degree laid down all of the important foundations, but consider our workshop as a fill-in-the-gaps experience.  Like, all of the gaps].


🤓 Current university students sitting in those relevant degrees, knowin’ you’re going to come out with the practical knowledge gaps [we were you back then, we promise]


🤓 Freelance marketers looking to significantly up-skill in paid ads strategy, so that you can [also significantly] bump up that hourly rate/monthly retainer [did we mention how much prospective clients love seeing that you’ve done a TDP workshop before? Actually, a lot of freelance marketers fill out their marketing portfolios from our private TDP grad. community on FB alone].

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