Master GA4: from setup to insights - a comprehensive live workshop

Wrap your head around the full potential of Google Analytics 4 for your business with our expert-led workshop

Navigate GA4 with confidence: insights, analysis, and advanced reporting techniques

Live virtual session – Tuesday 30th April, 9:30am – 12:30pm AEST.

Just when you thought you finally had Google Analytics down, and understood…

… Google “went and spoilt it all by doing something “stupid” like… changing the entire interface” [lol].

PS it wasn’t stupid, we were just goin’ with the words within a song there, GA4 – once you’ve recovered from having to learn an entirely new interface for the first time – is actually incredible.

And so on that note? Welcome to our GA4 live masterclass, your definitive live workshop designed to demystify GA4 and empower you with the knowledge to effectively analyse and interpret your data [nothin’ more powerful than a business owner/marketing professional who’s able to make powerful data-led decisions, eh?!].

ChatGPT training with TDP's Cherie Clonan

Get skilled for the evolution in web analytics…

Google Analytics 4 represents a significant evolution in web analytics, offering more comprehensive tracking capabilities and insights than ever before. This workshop, led by TDP [experts in digital analytics] covers everything from the basics of what GA4 tracks and why it’s important, to advanced reporting techniques that can transform your approach to data.

Whether you’re transitioning from Universal Analytics to GA4, setting up your GA4 account for the first time, or looking to deepen your understanding of GA4’s event model and reporting features, this workshop is designed to equip you with the skills you need to leverage GA4’s full potential for your business or organisation.

What is covered in the GA4 Masterclass?

Introduction to Google Analytics

Understanding the basics of what GA4 tracks and its importance.

UA vs .GA4

Key differences between Universal Analytics and GA4.

The GA4 event model

In-depth exploration of GA4’s event-based tracking system.

Setting up your GA4 account

Guidance on tracking codes, events and retention windows.

GA4 Tour

Navigating GA4 to find the right data, including acquisition, engagement, monetisation, demographics and tech reports.

Data analysis and interpretation

Techniques for analysing and interpreting key metrics to make informed decisions.

Advanced reporting

Creating advanced reports and explorations in GA4.

Tips and tricks

Utilising UTM codes, understanding attribution modelling and troubleshooting common problems.

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Who is the GA4 masterclass for?

star eyes

Marketers and business owners seeking to understand and leverage GA4 for data-driven decision-making.

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Digital analytics professionals transitioning from UA to GA4.

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Anyone new to Google Analytics looking for a comprehensive introduction to GA4’s features and capabilities.

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Webmasters and content creators aiming to optimise their sites based on GA4 insights.

Meet Your GA4 Trainer

Meet Jordan! Jordan has been training with TDP since 2018, and of the 20,000 students TDP has trained? … Jordan has enjoyed a nice little slice of that incredible training experience.

She is an experienced Digital Marketer, as well as Graphic Designer, with a broad portfolio of previous clients across many different industries, including fashion, tech, music, travel, e-commerce and food. She has worked both client and agency side for the likes of Spotify, Shopbop, OMD and The Thoughtful Agency, as well as freelancing for many other high profile brands, developing and implementing their digital marketing strategies.

Image of Jordan Lomax from The Social Lab who is the trainer for the upcoming TDP Google Analytics 4 (GA4) masterclass 2024.

What participants have said about our courses and masterclasses…

five stars

There is a reason I keep coming back for more!

I have now participated in several TDP courses – and there is a reason I keep coming back for more! The insights they provide are invaluable. The way they share their knowledge is memorable, inclusive, and fun. They truly foster a supportive community within and out of their workshops and courses.

Highly recommend to anyone wanting to learn, upskill or refresh their knowledge in a constantly-changing digital world.

– Casey

five stars

I have so much respect for TDP as a business.

I’ve taken their online Strategy and Reporting/Analytics courses, and will be taking part in their upcoming ChatGPT course soon. They’ve taught me invaluable, industry-level skills for my own freelance marketing career. They have also kept their integrity whenever they’ve let me know one of their courses is or isn’t valuable for my specific needs as a student/consumer. Their own branding is incredible (think a dentist with perfect teeth) and is a reflection of their expertise.

I trust them whole-heartedly with their knowledge and customer service within the field.

– Rubi

five stars

Changed my life as a new Freelancer.

I went from 1 client to closing my books in less than 12 months. TDP courses are an absolute MUST for freelancers, business owners and agency staff.

– Jen

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I access this workshop at any time?

Yes, as in: we present this live [but we give folks access to the replay in their student dashboards for 12 months, because sometimes? … life happens]. This means that this on-demand workshop is designed to fit your schedule, allowing you to learn [via the replay, should you need it] at your own pace. [Upgrade to lifetime access is also available].

Do I need prior experience with Google Analytics?

No, this workshop caters to both beginners and those with experience in Universal Analytics, offering insights for all levels. At a bare minimum, we’d encourage you to come with GA4 set up … unless you’re comfortable watching us teach > knowing you’re going to install it after the workshop.

What will I be able to do after completing the workshop?

You’ll be equipped to set up your GA4 account, understand and apply the GA4 event model, navigate GA4 reports with ease, and utilise advanced reporting techniques to analyse and interpret your data effectively.

Are you ready to navigate GA4 with confidence and unlock actionable insights for your business?

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Date and Time: Tuesday 30th April, 9:30am – 12:30pm AEST.

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