How to design the perfect Instagram feed – 17 October 2018 Online Masterclass

$99.00 incl. GST

Wednesday 17th October 2018 at 10am [AEST]


The session will run for approximately 1.5 hours with Q&A time at the end. If you can’t stay for the duration, or make this particular time you’ll be able to watch the replay at any time if you have registered.


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How to design the perfect Instagram feed



We were on tour recently for our x2 day #TDPtour, and we received a question from one of our beloved attendees who asked, “how do I get my Instagram feed to look as good as yours does?”, and there was only really one answer;


“Welcome to Cherie’s OCD, … enjoy your stay”, ha!


Jokes aside? From the outside looking in? A beautiful Instagram feed might be easily mistaken for simply being a bunch of pretty pictures thrown together and voila, … pretty lil’ insty-feed.


Heck, our husbands would likely think this is exactly what’s involved in laying out a sweet feed, but you know, and we know it’s a *lot* more than that.


There’s a whole lot o’ magic, care, consideration, and mild to moderate levels of OCD required in order to curate the perfect Instagram feed, … and the thing is, what’s the point of nothing-but-pretty if it isn’t paired back with strategy? So, there’s #neklevel skill required to not just be able to throw a pretty feed together, … but ensure it’s hitting your social media marketing goals too.


And it’s where a lot of you admit you’re falling down, so we wanna help.  We’ve been so very lucky to be blessed with an ability to throw beautiful aesthetics together, … and ensure they’re not-just-pretty-but-strategic-too.


So we want to gift you that same magic.  We want to [very warmly] welcome you into our OCD, ha! We want to share all the little things we know that have always [very fortunately!] just come so naturally to us, so that you can learn to have that same magic too.


Mostly? … we want to be able to offer the kind of insights that just make you feel so stinkin’ *proud* of your own feed,

What we’ll be covering:

  • A little intro into the magic behind the “perfect” IG feed
  • How to choose a theme style for your IG feed
  • And then how to rearrange your photos to suit your theme
  • How to choose a grid layout
  • What to consider when choosing a colour palette
  • How to space your photos out perfectly
  • How to colour co-ordinate
  • Tools of the trade to take your feed to the #neklevel
  • A walk-through scheduling programs to support your new + improved feed