How to humanise your brand online – 15 August 2018 Online Masterclass

$99.00 incl. GST

Wednesday 15th August 2018 at 10am [AEST]


The session will run for approximately 1.5 hours with Q&A time at the end. If you can’t stay for the duration, or make this particular time you’ll be able to watch the replay at any time if you have registered.


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A lot of people talk about social media growth, and engagement, and followers, and sales conversions, and, and, and, … we sometimes just wanna S.CREAM and say;


“Don’t forget to be human, guys!”.


Don’t forget to make your brand look > feel and sound human online, because without that? It’s just another brand growing, and garnering engagement, and attracting new followers, and [yes, indeed!] landing some sales conversions, … but without that crucial “human element”? It’ll struggle to endear, or it’ll struggle to feel relevant, or it’ll struggle to stay memorable, … and nobody wants that.


A lot of people ask us, “how have you turned something as dry as marketing is, into the following / engagement rate that you have?” and to that we say, … “we just made it human!”.


Truly, that’s all we did.


But the thing is, we strategise the “human stuff” too.  Yea. Yep. The “humanisation” of our brand has been this beautiful balance of heartfelt > staying seriously in line with who we are as humans, but also? Strategy.


Because you can strategise the “human”, you really can.


Wanna learn how?


What we’ll be covering:

  • How to write more engaging [i.e human!] copy
  • How to create content that speaks to your followers / your demographic
  • How to sound like a human online
  • How to engage like a human online
  • How to humanise the customer service experience
  • Taking the “robot-mode” out of your auto-scheduled social efforts
  • Brands who are humanising their presence well