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Do you know what almost every one of our TDP workshop attendees feels like “social media success” looks like? … being chained to their phones 24/7, or what we refer to as, “social media slaves”.

Spoiler alert? Social media slavery does not’eth* ] = social media success.

* not’eth is totally not a word, … but we’re going with it 😉

In this $49 eLearning module, we’ll firstly be covering off on x15 really-really-really-important and – dare we say it – transformative social media practices you can adopt that’ll have you a little less social-media-slave, and a whole lot more social-media-success.

And then? We’ll finish off with some really solid hacks you can steal from us, and these hacks alone will make you so.dang.happy you invested in this here little $49 eLearning module.

So just in case that doesn’t sound like $49 worth of value, let’s break down what’s included in this eLearning module;

  • We’ll show you how to track the amount of time you’re dropping on socials, weekly,
  • We’ll then show you how to batch your social media tasks [#necessary],
  • We’ll show you some cool little hacks to help you minimise distractions,
  • We’ll show you how to map out your social media in advance,
  • We’ll talk about our favourite scheduling programs across all the different platforms,
  • We’ll show you how to set-up a content curation hub,
  • We’ll walk you through automation,
  • We’ll go through a coupl’a Twitter hacks [for the x3 people still on Twitter, ha!] 😉
  • We’ll help you get on top of social media engagement, and some hacks around that,
  • As well as some time spent showing you how to create quick social media graphics,
  • We’ll show you how we repurpose content, and how you can too,
  • We’ll help you analyse your SM results via Google Analytics, so you can recognise which platforms are worth your time,
  • And then? We’ll finish off with some game changing time saving hacks, which we can’t detail, because you gotta cough up the $79 for *that* goodness.

I dunno guys, … $49 seems pretty do’able for *all* o’ the above right there! 🙂

Who wants in?

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