Humanising your brand online

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A lot of people talk about social media growth, and engagement, and followers, and sales conversions, and, and, and, … we sometimes just wanna S.CREAM and say;

“Don’t forget to be human, folx!”.

Don’t forget to prioritise ensuring that your brand looks, feels and sounds human online. Because without that, It’s just another brand growing and potentially garnering engagement 

Without that crucial humanised element, your brand will struggle to endear, feel relevant, and it’ll struggle to stay memorable … and we want memorability, relatability and endearment for you.

A lot of people ask us, “how have you turned something as dry as marketing is, into the following / engagement rate that you have?” and to that we say “we just made it human!”.

Truly, that’s all we did.

But, we strategise the “human stuff” too. The humanisation of our brand has been this beautiful balance of celebrating human’ness [not a word, but s’ok … it’s just us humanising this copy here, too. #lol] and paring all of that back with all important strategy elements.

Because you can strategise the “human” too, you really can. We’re ready to show you how.